Tuesday, May 17, 2022


The last loop was pulled on this one-of-a-kind Monochromatic Floral last evening and steamed this morning.  This is the first rug I've ever hooked with the intentions of selling it.  The rug was fun to hook and it was designed as I hooked.   The inspiration was the color of Cindy's overdyed wool at camp ~ it kept nagging at me and just had to buy that wool and tackle that challenge.    
After steaming the rug I went outside to move a few more logs.  Remember this photo?  This photo was taken March 28th soon after my brother made a visit to saw down the toppled trees from the heavy snow storm.
If you are a regular reader you've seen the transformation in slow time.  But today after making a couple more trips dragging a log in each hand this is what the pile looks like.  The logs remaining are longer than 5' 5" and too heavy for me to carry alone.  So these will wait for the tree people or extra muscle.
Yesterday afternoon I went outside and noticed my male turtle was still in the area 24 hours later.  Although it does appear he had moved a little to the left, you can see the divot in the leaves just to the right where he'd been previously.  
However, a storm came thru with some areas near here getting golf ball and baseball size hail stones.  No hail stones here thankfully so after the storm passed (about 7 p.m.) I went out again and Mr. Turtle had left that area.  Don't know where he is but am sure he's about somewhere so will, as always, be cautious when cutting grass.

Finally today I cut linen and started drawing a pattern for someone but just had to take a break from it.  When an antique rug is photographed at an angle the dimensions are not equal.  It requires a lot of concentration to transfer it properly onto linen.  Tomorrow I'll continue to work on it but needed a break.

Happy hooking.



  1. Your challenge rug is looking wonderful. I love the color combination.

    I think Mr. Turtle figured out that his mate wasn't going to come to him so he went looking for her. I've seen the odd turtle around here but it's been years since I've seen one crossing the road.

    I'm surprised that your neighbour isn't interested in picking up those logs for fire wood. I bought myself a small 14 inch electric chainsaw but I still didn't a chance to try it yet. It's very light.

    Take care and don't work too hard like me. I can hardly move in the morning.


  2. Love UR Mat!!!!and take care,,,,wow,,,alot of work,,,,,

  3. That rug came out wonderful do you have it sold already? You have worked so hard with that brush and logs. What an amazing job you have done with it.

  4. Here's hoping you get big bucks for your rug!!!
    I'm sure you will be happy when that wood pile is finally gone. You really worked hard on it.

  5. We are tackling our front garden right now. Many of our shrubs and our one tree dies over the Winter. We are not sure why. Took yesterday off and after my dentist appt, we tackled more of it. While I was gone, Bob found a baby Fox Snake. Even though not poisonous so glad it was not me who found it. I know you are glad your wood pile is almost gone, and hopefully no more storms will knock more down. Here's hoping your rug sells fast and for big bucks as Lauren stated. It looks wonderful! Janice

  6. Your rug turned out beautifully...the movement in that background wool is wonderful. Think of how much hooking you could have accomplished had you not been playing lumberjack. ~et~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  7. Your rug came out so pretty ! Beautiful colors ! Hope you can get a really good price for it too !!!
    Amazing how much wood & branches you have hauled ! Hope the tree guys come soon & take the rest away so you don't have to see that anymore !!!
    Where did that turtle go ??? Inquiring minds would like to know , think he misses your pond ???


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