Thursday, May 12, 2022


Recently I drew out a Domestic Zoo pattern for Denise and thought I'd post photos of various hookers' color choices, they're all lovely.  I'll start with the one I hooked and my colors were chosen to replicate those which were in the original antique.  FYI, the dimensions of this pattern are 22.5 X 66.
This next one was hooked by Jeni Nunnally.
Susan Traughber has hooked several Magdalena designs and hooked this Domestic Zoo as well.  I love that cat on the left!
Another rendition of Domestic Zoo was hooked by Karen Schoenrock.
A more colorful version was done by Joan Hirlinger Treis.
This Domestic Zoo below was hooked by Julie Jewell, notice she added a border around.
If I didn't show your rendition of the design, I'd love for you to send me a photo.  And thanks to those whose photos I've shared here.

In other news.....thankfully my kind neighbor came to my rescue again to see why my riding mower wouldn't move.  He looked  underneatg and noticed the drive belt was off.  

Then he said, "in a minute we'll know why it came off".  He removed the battery so he could get a visual of the pully.  Would you believe two gum balls were tangled up in the pully and that's what threw the belt off.  Was able to get the grass cut....finally.

Remember this massive pile?
The small stuff has been moved deep into the woods and all that remains are the logs.  Am planning to move some of the limbs/trunks which I can pick up when the drizzle stops and I've time.  It is still cloudy temps only reached 65 today and it drizzled on and off.
FYI ~ Jennie recently informed me that she finally figured out that she can comment on my posts from her laptop but not on her mobile devices.  So if you have had a problem commenting and wish to do so perhaps you should use your laptop or PC.

I'm still slowly pulling loops on the monochromatic floral but want to pull Mother and Fishbowl out and fix her shoulder....soon.  And very soon will be chomping at the bit to put something new on the frame.  Happy hooking.



  1. Yours is the best.

    You got a lot done on the pile of branches.

    I've been going all day and I just finished freezing a lot of fiddleheads and I cleaned up the kitchen and I'm ready for bed and it 12:05 am.

    I should sleep good.
    Take care,


  2. What lovely rugs and a lovely pattern. I don't know if I have ever saw that one before. I am so glad you got your lawn mower fixed. How did gum balls get there?
    How nice to have such a nice neighbor. You made short work of that pile of brush. We are back to painting the house. That's why I am back to being a AWOL blogger. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  3. Seeing all these beautiful rugs is similar to seeing all the Dancing Bunnies ....all the different color choices ! Really fun to see !
    You are lucky to have nice helpful neighbors.
    It is muggy & sunny here , we are in Summer Mode already !!! Upper 70's & could be 80 thru the weekend ! And the Bugs are out !!!!

  4. Always like seeing how others hook the same rug. So many renditions! Who would have thought a gumball would wreak havoc on your mower. Hope you have a great weekend! Janice

  5. All beautiful renditions and all very unique.... it would be difficult to choose a favorite so I won't be doing that rug any time soon LOL. (Yeah, yeah, I know, I know...I wouldn't be doing it anyway...but this excuse makes me feel better.) For once things are warmer here in Nod than in your part of the world. We reached 91º yesterday (yes, a new record...I don't think we had a single 90+ day all last have this this early is crazy nuts). Today was close but I don't think we topped 90...well, my truck said 92...but we know those are not particularly accurate. And, yes....I discovered that I could comment on blogs I couldn't from my ipad if I instead used my pc. Fine and dandy...but STUPID. Obviously, not everyone has access to a I won't be if I ever get back to the lake. ~Robin~ (The Cranky Crow)

  6. So many great renditions of that rug. It is fun to see them!


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