Thursday, May 5, 2022


I did it, I retrieved the Mother and Fishbowl monochromatic design and is now on my frame.  When I put it aside there were a couple things disturbing me.  First was the need for more values; more of the darkest already established (value 8) and an undetermined darker value for mother's jacket (value 9).  And what had been decided for curtain (background) looked fine when the wool was placed next to the face but after hooking some wool it didn't look happy to me.

Now I'm ready to tackle the jacket and will worry about the curtain and fishbowl later.  That future issue might be what causes me to put the piece aside again.  Meanwhile, here she is after pulling a few loops today when not doing 'whittling'.
This is what she looked like before putting her aside.  The eye still bothered me so did make a slight change, not sure if you noticed.
FYI a change was made to one of the 'padula flowers'.  They don't look like any flower I've ever seen in real life but is a term used often by rug hookers when drawing floral patterns.
If you want to see what it looked like before and try to figure out which one I changed, just scroll down to my last post.  

Also I've continued to whittle wood a little at a time.  This morning I made 6 trips into the woods just before lunch.  It looks like the limbs to the left could easily be plucked out.....  

But remember as a kid when you played 'pick up sticks' and if you pull one which looks easy it makes the others crumble on each other?  With real trunks with limbs one little limb might be wedged between others which are weighted down by a heavier one.  Thus they don't pull out easily.  
This is what that pile used to look like after I'd made a few trips deep into the woods before thinking about taking a photo.  BTW, I don't like having  debris in the woods but since I live in a low area where rain water collects the wood normally rots.  Thankfully there isn't the normal spring pond YET where I've been dragging the wood.  I'm thankful the spring monsoon didn't happen so the man upstairs was looking out for me so I could pull the wood in the back.
Walking back to the house for lunch I saw the only pretty thing in my backyard at the moment ~ this iris.
Happy hooking.


  1. I am impressed with Mother with the Fish Bowl. It is not something I would ever attempt.
    The iris is so pretty. I'm not sure mine even have buds yet.

  2. Good for you for giving it another try on your Mother and Fishbowl. I was wondering what's the story behind this fishbowl?
    Those big branches wood looks heavy. Maybe someone can use it for firewood.
    Your Iris looks gorgeous. I can't wait for mine to bloom.

  3. I had irises like that which smelled of grapes! Wonder if yours does… someone had pulled up a bunch and left them on a trail. I took them and planted. Your mom and fishbowl is looking superb as is the monochromatic. You’re busy!

  4. I really like that rug. You are doing such a fantastic job. Wow, what nice woods you have. I think though, how much work it is. You do get your work out don't you? I hope you have a lovely day.

  5. Wow ,you even have a little earring on your Mother ! Think it is coming along really well ....her eye looks great ! Hooking a face scares me !!!
    You sure have been busy hauling all that wood !!! Great for your bone density !!! LOL !!!
    So fun to have a beautiful flower come from no where ! A bright spot !!!
    Have a Happy Mother's Day weekend !!!

  6. Mamma is looking great...and, yes, I can see the tweaking of the eye...iris is a bit larger and I like it. I, too, noticed the earring... It almost looks like a real pearl. Not sure how you did that, but very cool. When your done with your wood pile would you like to come up to the lake and work on our fallen stuff? Only issue is, not sure where you'd haul them off to.. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  7. Oh wow! You are cruzin'! I like how both your rugs are progressing. Both are on the challenging side and they are looking amazing. And a second wow for that pile up of debris! Oy!

    1. I don't know why my comment is anon. Lady Locust 🥴

  8. I am so impressed with your mother rug I bow to the master. You have been busy with your wood pile.


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