Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Redesigning as I Hook

Cannot believe it is May already as it doesn't feel like spring since the heat kicks in at night.  Well, except for the pollen. The pollen went from green dust, to worm looking droppings to the blob stuff.  But all of it makes me sneeze and makes a mess on the deck.  As in the past guess we will go from a little heat to full out A/C with the temperature change in just days.

This evening my plan is to try and tweak a couple of the supposed flowers to see if I like them better.  Plus will take a critical look at the design aspect of the floral to see what changes might make it more appealing.

If you look at the unhooked right side you'll notice extra leaves drawn in black Sharpie which were also drawn on the left side.  I didn't like all the leaves so changed it to the seeding stems.   Not sure what other design changes I'll make to the rug but it is definitely still "a work in progress".
You'll also notice specks of natural linen foundation showing between loops in the photo.  That's because some of overdyed wool bundle was thinner wool but believe once the rug is steamed it won't be visible.  

Happy hooking.



  1. Your rug is looking well balanced and you got a lot done in no time. Yes, I can't believe that May is already here. What a gorgeous day we had today. I spent a lot of time outdoors today. It's supposed to rain again tomorrow. Yuck 😢

    Hugs, Julia

  2. Looking really good Saundra...that background wool is so very rich. Don't talk to me of weather. We haven't seen even a hint of sun in weeks. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  3. This week has been cool & dreary , wet days , next week will be Summer ! You are right , heat on this week & air conditioners next week !!! The Pollen drives me crazy now too and the huge pine trees we have haven't begun to let loose their fine green dust ....UGH !!!

    I Love your seeding stems in your rug ....its looking pretty !

  4. We are getting April showers now in May. UGH Your rug is looking good! Janice

  5. Your mat looks great!!!cool but sitting on deck today,,,Finally!,!,


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