Sunday, May 22, 2022


Yup, its that time again....time for some oldies and goodies.  Dated 1913 the rug below must have been a lucky or favorite horse with its profile in a horseshoe.
A nice Lion rug measuring 17 x 31,  such a shame it has  a badly worn area on the edge.
Cat with flowers in corners measures 23.5 x 34.5 and was dated 1900's.
Sorry the photo is so poor of the Cabin and Gazebo.  Dimensions are 21 x 67 and no date provided.
I may have shown this rug previously but just saw it and thought it worthy of showing again.  I call it Bowls of Lollipop Flowers, it is Canadian measures 20.5 x 41 and from the Don Pero collection.
A monochromatic 'Feeding Lambs' from the estate of Laura Fisher.  No dimensions were provided.
Listed as a Folk Art horse from Ephrata, PA,  it was hooked using a salvaged uniform  and mixed fabrics on burlap.  It measures  20 x 35.
And lastly is a chuckle from a hooked rug....Gotta Make Calls measures 35.5 x 58.5 and another rug from the estate of Laura Fisher.
There's your Sunday serving of old rugs.  Seems summer is really here now with temperature to reach over 90 degrees.  



  1. It's just awfully Hot & Humid here today ....90 degrees & matching humidity is just Gross ! We could get some bad storms as a Cool front comes in , then all next week will be great in the 70's !!! Much Better !!!
    Loved this Rug show ! The last rug is really cute favorite is the Lollipop Flowers !!! I would like to hook that one !!!
    Stay cool & safe !

  2. So many cool rugs. Love that lion and like Nancy, my favorite is the Lollipop Flowers. That last rug is an absolute hoot!

  3. Happy Sunday Mummy Dearest.... That lion is an absolute hoot!! But, yeah, that Lollipop Flowers one is my hands' down favorite. Send some warmth here....We are COLD! Last night's low was 34º....and we haven't gotten to even 60 during the day for I don't know how long. It's hard to believe it's almost June. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  4. My favorite, Bowls of Lollipop Flowers has such lovely colors. Felix the cat on the prowl sure got result from his last call. lol...
    Thanks for the rug show.

    It warmed up here too and the sun came out late this afternoon and the mosquitoes are waiting at the door to come in each time the door is opened.

    Take care,

  5. You lead me down a rabbit hole on the last one.
    Morris Jondall, page 42 bottom center. Copyrighted in April 26 1949, was it a cartoon published somewhere? But my search turns up nothing on the original image, or what it was referring too. Something tells me political related??

  6. Lovely rugs. I think that last one is cute. Wow, 90 at your house I think would be hotter than the 105 at my house. We don't really have the humidity.
    Such nice rugs that you find.

  7. Wow!!!so many I love!!!!thanks for show,,,,


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