Friday, May 20, 2022

PATTERN on the FRAME & Other News

Upon reading Robin's blog post my comment to her was that I empathized with her issues.   You can read about that on her blog: Cranky Crow.  

Although it's been many months, years maybe, while perusing a selling site I saw an antique adaptation at a price which was fantastic.  I wouldn't have to sketch the original antique, do the line drawing, enlarge and draw on linen.  It was there for the taking.

This is a photo from the Kopp book of said lovely original Mary Comstock Bed Rug from which the pattern purchased was adapted...loosely adapted.  
It is true I draw most of my personal antique adaption rugs smaller than the original BUT I draw them exactly like the original antique.  Guess you could call me a purist in that respect vs. taking my own spin on what was already a perfect specimen of a rug.  

Here's the drawn design.
I'm going to try and make the most of it and re-draw some elements as close to the original as possible.  But this is definitely a wake up call for me to always do my own antique adaptations.   And for those of you who want a true adaptation of an antique rug I'm your 'go to' gal.

In other news, you regular followers/readers know I've posted a number of Barbara E. Merry rugs on my blog.  She was a prolific hooker and her works were among the people I admire.  This morning I was notified that Barbara passed away early spring this year.  You can read her obituary HERE.

If I could find and afford to buy one of her rugs, this would be the one.  Barbara holding a horse rug she hooked.
Rest in Peace Barbara, and know that many of us rug hookers have admired your work and story for years.  Happy hooking in heaven and perhaps we'll meet up one day.



  1. Well, you are a much more savvy emptor than I was.... You noticed/took note of the discrepancies BEFORE you were halfway through hooking. I guess what my husband used to say is true - "you don't have to be smart to be a lawyer." (Mind you, prior to my going to law school his "saying" was "only smart people can go to law school." Yeah, another story for another time.) I am sure you will do the original beautiful justice just as you always do. Sweet tribute to Barbara.... That is a great rug. ~Robin~

  2. I didn't know Barbara was still living until just recently. She lived a long life. Maybe now you'll find even more of her rugs on the internet.
    How big is that bed rug you're working on? Are you hooking the original size?
    It's a lovely pattern.

    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. wonderful rug I am truly not a purist.

  4. This hooking project will be a beauty !!! I would be afraid to draw that pattern myself , too many details !
    I didn't think Barbara was still alive , she lived to be 100 ! Hope she knew how special her rugs were & still are ! Hope her children have a nice collection !

  5. I'm sure Mary will be wonderful however you hook her ;-)

  6. I know when you finish Mary it will look perfect! Janice

  7. Amazing mat u started,,,,,
    Sorry to hear barbara merry passed,,,,
    I do remember reading about her in early rug hooking mags,,,,

  8. Awe, sorry to hear of Barbara's passing. I didn't know her or her work of course, but there have certainly been some of our greatest talents leaving us to go Home these past couple years. I feel like they aren't being replaced by a younger generation, but vanishing leaving mementos of their skills.


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