Sunday, September 18, 2022


Or at least that was the review previously posted antique rugs and 'audition' them to be the 'next one'.  After all it is getting close to panic time as I'm close to finishing Deer and Blue House and will want another rug on the frame. 

Went thru hundreds of photos on two flash drives and nothing seemed interesting.  I have several pdf Halloween themed rug designs I could hook.  Then stopped and thought to what genre do you want to hook ~  do you want to hook a floral?  I've talked about designing a rug using the template of a card Barb Carroll sent me a few years ago.  This photo below is just a section of an antique rug from Gloucester, MA which measures 40 x 88 and no way would mine be that big if this what I choose.
Patriotic rugs are always good to display and make great gifts.
Recently I mentioned liking this tattered Lamb rug and could practice that antique technique using various textiles making it look old.
There's always another Magdalena rug I haven't hooked yet.
Or, I could finally start using some of those selvage ends and do a geometric.  Here is one Barb showed us at class one year she just finished.  Only hers wasn't hooked with selvages good worms from that lovely basket of hers.
So after all that what's my decision?  Nothing lights a fire under me on any subject right now.  Maybe because I'm worn out after working on the deck all week.  Don't know what my problem is but at least there's more to hook on the deer and, of course, there the dreaded 'other one' in solitary confinement I could bring out.  Have no fear as there WILL eventually be another rug on my frame so stay tuned.



  1. Not a pink person but that floral rug really intrigues me. Whatever you chose I know I will like how you do it! Good luck deciding. Janice PS Laughed reading your response to my last post. Yes you won!

  2. That flag rug is one of my favorites that one day I will get around to hooking!

  3. I love the flower rug the best right now I think. I guess I have been hooking bugs and animals for to long lol. But that deck is one heck of a job! Good for you for doing it.

  4. I know how you feel when trying to choose a design ....I have Too Many I Love !!!! One of these will get you excited & it will be fun to watch your progress !!!!

  5. Right now I've had a rug in the frame for over a month, should be able to finish the hooking tomorrow and start another. I have so many ideas but stitching stole me away. I hope you choose a Halloween design!

  6. I feel your angst albeit it in a somewhat different form.... I vowed to dedicate September and October to Halloween/Falloween but I feel so scattered. I've finished a couple stitching pieces, but not "finally finished" them and that had been part of the plan...But, every time I attempt a final finish, something goes amuck...not the right fabric, missing the right color of paint, undecided on how to finish, etc., etc. So, I try to pick something else up but my overthinking stymies me and I don't know what to start (so many stitching options...very few hooking (I have a couple wanna-do's, but nothing ready with pattern, wool, etc.)) Dangerous predicament to be in for me who uses stitching/hooking/otherwise-playing to procrastinate doing things I really need to do but really really don't want to. Maybe I will break down and decorate some for Halloween after all. 😶 ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  7. I still love that shabby little lamb. I'm looking forward to seeing what is on your frame next. Thanks for the rug show.

    Hugs, Julia


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