Thursday, September 22, 2022


Pulled the last loops yesterday and steamed it.  Will start the binding while in the waiting room for my annual physical  next Monday and dermatologist on Thursday.  Makes the boredom of waiting easier while accomplishing a task usually not fun.
Have make line drawings of two designs but still haven't decided what to hook next.  I might even enlarge the designs to see if that helps me decide what to hook, otherwise will just endure the wrath of the bastardized Comstock pattern.

I've found numerous antique rugs to share in a future post.  Fall officially arrives during this evening and cooler weather predicted.  

My thoughts are with on-line friends in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland as you will be getting some very turbulent weather in the next couple days as the hurricane heads in your direction.  Be sure to have batteries for light and radio and perhaps prepare food ahead so if you lose power you will at least have cooked food albeit not hot.  Have salad makings too at least that is eatable cold.

Happy hooking.

        Watch over Nova Scotia and Newfoundland


  1. Your Deer & Blue house looks great !!!
    We had pouring rain , thunder & lighting today looking forward to cooler weather ....time for sweaters and polar fleece tops !
    Scary weather for Nova Scotia & Newfoundland , hope they will be safe too .

  2. Absolutely love the colors in this one! Even the little pops of red. Great job. Good luck with your appts. Janice

  3. Good job on Deer and Blue House. It pays not to rush making a decision on which rug you'll hook next. What ever you decide, I hope that you'll enjoy working on it.
    You know what you like and whatever you decide, I'm suer it will be the right one for you.

    It's cold and raining today and I finished making three batches of lady.Ashburnham pickles to fill part of an order and for the upcoming Christmas Christmas Bazaar. Now I'm going to relax with a glass of red wine working on a puzzle.

    Take care,

  4. Wonderful job! Looking forward to seeing what is next.

  5. Woo hoo!! Congrats on another great finish. Once again, you nailed replicating the antique look and the background is especially wonderful. I had started the binding process for my little Jack's Crow mat....had a major snag with my sewing machine and had to put it aside. Seems like everything I touch these days goes kaput. Last night (actually wee hours of this morning) the batteries in 3 of my smoke detectors decided to die...and beep. And dang is that beeping LOUD...especially 3 of them going off. So I am on a ladder at 2:10, 3:40 and 4:45 trying to change batteries....and one of them just wouldn't stop beeping despite changing the battery. I tried getting a different battery thinking perhaps the battery, although new, might be go. Finally gave up and went back to bed with 3 pillows on my head. I've worked on it all flipping day (not easy when you're having a bad back day) and it's still beeping.,me.NUTS!!!!!!! There is not enough ibuprofen for the headache I have. ~Robin~ (TheCranky...and I mean REALLY CRANKY Crow)

  6. Deer and Blue House turned out beautifully. I think we are all anxious to see what you decide to do next. I am sure the Comstock would be excited to find you pulling her out of the bag. :~)

  7. Everything about this rug is a joy to behold.


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