Thursday, September 29, 2022


This week I found a few newly listed antique rugs for sale.  For some reason I've never had the inclination to hook fruit, but the colors are great in this hooked piece.   It measures 23 x 38 and said to be hooked late  19th century.
Nice fall colors for the half round Cat and kitten ca. 1900.  Dimensions are 32 x 49 and from the estate of Elaine Buck.
Another rug from the estate of Elaine Buck (West Chester, PA) is the Dog with sawtooth border.  It was hooked late 19th century and measures 25 x 40.
Flower and leaves dated between 1880-1930.  Hooked with cotton on burlap, size is 35 x 37.  
As soon as I saw that rug I wondered if it was the same person who hooked a rug I named Blue Bowl of Flowers.  This is the original antique, not the one I hooked.
And, I even found another Barbara E. Merry rug which I'd never seen before.  It was also from the estate of Elaine Buck, and measures 33 x 45.
Sweet rug but too much background for me.  Measures 23 x 36 and hooked late 19th century.
Be still my heart....Folk art horse, of course it would be another horse that makes my heart skip a beat as I've always loved horses.  It  measures 36.5 x 52 but I'm not ready to do another horse rug yet.
And finally a rug with hidden animals.  At first I thought this was a floral rug with crescent shapes on the sides.  
Then I saw the back side and see a cat in the center and two sleeping cats in two of the crescent shapes.
That's all for today folks.  Am finally going to sit and pull a few loops.  It is my annual wellness month ~ had my GP check up, blood profile done and today was the annual dermatologist check up since I was a stupid sun worshiper in my youth and even thru my 50's.  

My appointment was at 11:15 and was scared of being late but managed to get there about 11:05.  Thankfully I took a rug to bind as I was in the waiting room for over an hour.  Sat in the procedure room I don't know how long and finally left the office at 1:05.  Still have my mammogram and cardiology appointment to do yet and my flu shot to get sometime soon.  I won't get another covid shot but will get the flu shot.  Happy hooking.



  1. Wow , you had to wait a long time at you Dr apt ! Good idea to bring your rug to bind !
    Another great rug show !!! The first one is very pretty . I love the dog and the Cat Welcome ....Barbara Merry's rug is cute , I really like her houses in this one .
    Good luck with the other appointments you have and hope you don't have to wait as long !

  2. Another fine rug show. Am getting the itch to pick up my own hook soon. Need to finish up a few more Christmas items and then I can. The weather is cool now, so perfect for hooking! Hopefully your checkup went well. Janice

  3. Well you hit a nice little lode of new rugs. My favorite is the dog with the sawtooth border, but I am choosing to see a black sheep. 😉 Maybe it's something about the simple color scheme...Much easier for me to color plan. 🤣 I've been on a monochromatic stitching kick too. Doctor appointments are a sore subject these days.... Hoping you get a clean bill of health in all departments. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  4. Wow!!!a busy time,ll take care,,,,
    Love the mats,,,,especially the very first one,,,!!!
    Recognized the Barbara merry one ,too,,,,

  5. Happy October! Such lovely rugs that you find. I really liked them all. I am so glad you are healthy.I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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