Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Lost That Love'n Feel'n

In the beginning I was enthusiastic about hooking this project.  I'd done line drawings for two designs and only drew this one on linen to hook.  Here is a small section of what little was hooked.
Pink is not my favorite color as I lean more toward earthy colors.  However while perusing FB saw the following rug displayed at Sauder which was hooked by Theresa Rapstine.  It is an antique adaptation and have a photo of the original antique but chose not to draw that one to copy.  But was inspired by the old look and drew my own design.
Was gung ho at first and have a table full of wool colors but as I was hooking the enthusiasm waned....and waned some more.  So can be said I've lost that love'n feel'n.  

So I will pack up all the wool I'd selected and put the pattern and wool in another tote.  After which I'll draw the other pattern on a piece of linen and start again.  Oy veh ~ here I go again with another in pattern prison.   



  1. I stopped in on my break from weeding. My heart is not really into weeding but it has to be done because the weeds are full of seeds. Sigh!!! My push lawnmower cord is stuck and needs to be brought to the repair shop. They charge an arm and a leg to fix lawnmowers.

    Your design looks lovely to me. Maybe just change some of the colors and you'll like it better.
    Maybe you need a break from hooking. How about starting a new rug hooking challenge to start off the fall season?


  2. LOL maybe Mary is looking better for you now. Maybe using more of an antique rose color might work better than the pinks. Janice

  3. Yeah, I'm not a fan of pastels least not in my house. But that little blue flower is adorable - it looks almost ethereal. Like Julia said, maybe you need a break from about picking up my search for the designer of/pattern for that little skellie rug Lauren has??? 🤣 ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  4. Maybe it is the color and not the rug.

  5. Love that antique one!!!and too bad UR not into it,,,,!! That happens,,,so much with me,,too,,,,,

  6. sometimes the ones that aren't just right help me decide what is right. you will figure it out. Maybe it will be a short prison sentence for this pretty little rug.


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