Friday, September 2, 2022

When You Get a Rug Pattern Order......

...but your drawing/cutting table looks like this.  So decided to clean up the table and if she changed her mind at least the work table would be clean again.  And I found a piece of wool I'd been looking for.
The young woman wanted the pattern Deer and Blue House so thought I'd give you and her an update on my progress.  A question to her was if she wanted me to draw the dots and dashes for the color change in the background or if she planned to hook a solid color background.  The dashes might be intimidating or confusing so thought I'd ask.  She chose the dots and dashes.  You can see those remaining in my rug below.
While I referred to the antique during the hooking process I did make some subtle changes and am totally in love with this antique rug design.  There's still a way to go on hooking this and NO am NOT ready to put Mary on my frame again just yet ~ she and I have certain issues, lol.

FYI, a few people have contacted me requesting I put them back on the email list since they aren't automatically receiving the posts any longer.  That is because Blogger discontinued that feature and I'm not computer savvy enough to know a go-around.  So you will need to look for me or copy and paste the link in you "Favorites" list so you can just click to find me instantly.  Sorry if it is just one more irritant in your daily life.



  1. It's a lovely mess of wool. I especially love that yummy light cream and grey wool on the left corner. That lockstitch sewing machine must be old. I don't think I

    I thought that clicking on FOLLOW, your blog would come in their feed. I don't know.

    Enjoy the day.

  2. Look at all the pretty wool !!!! A great way to see what colors you need or want ! Have a nice Labor Day weekend !!!

  3. Holy heck wool?! 😂 (And though shalt never see my "work" areas.) ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  4. Wool rooms NEVER stay neat and clean, no matter how hard one tries...sigh.

  5. Thanks for the laugh regarding Mary. I know you dont like her, but I do. Creativity causes messes. I know this first hand. Janice

  6. Heey! You are human after all. I love the look of your table. It makes me feel right at home since that's how my "fun room" looks at the moment. 😂 Haven't had more than 2 minutes together in a month in there. I am liking the blue house - I like that background color - the muted greenish/tan color.


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