Saturday, September 24, 2022


You're probably wondering if I've decided what to put on my frame next....well, maybe.  I've done line drawings for two and went so far as to draw one of them on linen.   But not convinced it is the winner.  Also haven't done the pre-binding stitching all the way around in case I want to draw something else on the back.  See, told  ya I was fickle 😕                    
Now to the rug show....Tis the season for falling Leaves ~ no date for the rug but it measures 19 x 38.
Found this Dog with hit & miss background and border measuring 39 x 43.  From the estate of Elaine Buck and said to be hooked late 19th century.
Blooms and Buds dated between 1865-1890 with dimensions of 28 x 30.
Here is a busy rug with birds and cat hidden at the very bottom.  It's so busy you may have to look for the birds too.
Apple Tree Farm dated 1820-1830 and measures 33  x 58.
Am wondering if this is to represent the crusades ship of the Knights Templar.  It  measures 30 x 52 and said to be dated 1900's.
Adorable kitten on a pillow for you feline lovers.
Praying for the safety of my Canadian friends.



  1. You find the best old rugs. #2 & #3 are the winners in my book.
    Julia said she is fine but she is a bit further west. Prayers for everyone's safety.

  2. Some of these I've never seen before. Thanks for sharing. I really like #2, I think I'll draw this one up and hook it. Love the hit n miss. #4 is also great.

  3. Number two looks more like a goat than a dog to me. What do I know?
    I like the first one and I would probably use an antique black background for the leaves. Right now after all the wind and rain, my front lawn is scattered will yellow leaves on a green background. lol... The wind has died down and it's quiet out there now. Thanks for your concern Saundra. All is well at our place.
    We've been lucky here and only lost our power in our area for several hours but our generator kicked in as soon as we lost power so we were not affected.

    Thanks for another antique rug show. I'm waiting for that sneak peek...

  4. You are a big tease with these ones...wish I had more time to hook as I am loving most of these rugs! Look forward to seeing what you hook next. Janice

  5. Well, I'm odd person out....Blooms and Buds is my favorite hands down. It has such an ethereal quality. Good luck deciding. Cold and rainy here....but not complaining at this point. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  6. My favorite is Apple Tree Farm ....I have a thing for houses keep finding lots of beauties !!!


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