Saturday, September 17, 2022

The Joys ?!#$ of Home Ownership

Often I will have a restless or sleepless night.  Usually it is stressing over tasks that need to be done, i.e.; downsizing, tree work, attic fan replacement, stone/pond/liner removal, deck washing and sealing, you get the idea.  

My ex used to wash and seal the decks even after the divorce.  He would come while I was a rug camp, take care of the dog and wash/seal the back deck and front porch.  I'd buy the supplies and he'd do the work.  When he stopped coming here I hired it done. The men used a power washer and it splintered the wood.  Fast forward about 3 or 4  years, the back deck needs care and I don't want to have to replace it.

So I put on my big girl bloomers and struggled to do it myself.  The washing wasn't done in one day but it got done.  Today I borrowed my neighbor's sprayer to seal it ~ that was the easy part as there wasn't any scrubbing.

Here is a photo of one day's work of washing these steps down and those on the other side of the deck, as well as a little of the deck  itself.  
The next day I tackled that part closest to the porch which was in the shade so the liquid wouldn't dry too fast and I would be out of the sun.  This was going to be the hardest part because leaves collect, and lack of sunlight causes algae to form.  Yuck.
My neighbor told me about a product called 30 Second Outdoor Cleaner.  And NO it doesn't clean it in 30 seconds.  Instructions say to let it remain on the surface 5 minutes.   But in the sun it dries up before 5 minutes so I start scrubbing with that brush after about 2 minutes and respray the areas which appear to be drying up and scrub some more.
You can see the deck brush to the right of the photo.  As you can see it is applied using a garden hose and I had to re-spray that dark area on the left to get it cleaner, rinsed and then cleaned the other side.  The back deck is finally washed and it took me 3 days to get the damn job done but at least it is washed.  

Was too exhausted to even think about washing and sealing the whole front porch but did wash the steps today  ~ also washed the windows, shutters and vinyl siding in the front.  Before I can seal the steps will need to purchase more deck sealant tomorrow.   

I'm dog tired and looking forward to a glass of cabernet to celebrate.  I'll probably fall asleep sitting up, lol.  Haven't pulled a loop much these last few days and haven't had time to think about or research what will be on my frame next.



  1. I'm having a hard time with m computer being slow this evening. Maybe it's as tired as I am.

    You're a smart girl. My deck is still dirty and grimy and my husband would never think it a necessary job to clean it. I always cleaned and painted the deck myself for years but it hasn't been done in a long time and really needs to be replaced.. It should have been stained instead of painted. My mistake... Oh well, it needs to be replaced but nothing is being done. I hate to sit out there by myself so it has lost it's priority.

    Saundra, sometimes, you just have to put that hook away ( in a safe place) and do something else. I think it's healthy changing routines sometimes. That's what makes life interesting. Who knows, you might see some mating rabbits in the back yard... Anyway, I hope you have a restful Sunday.

  2. That is one hard job. We replaced our decks a couple of years ago with Trex decking. So a hosing once in awhile is all it needs.

  3. Wowza....My back hurts just thinking of this monumental task. You're quite the trooper. We had a wood deck for many years (not nearly as large as yours) but replaced it with the brick. One would think it would be easier. Not so much when weeds plague it and the bricks sink and come out...and retaining walls fall. And it's a great deal more costly to deal with. But, I see I have some algae growing on the siding out front. The cons of having landscaping mature I guess. Another task to take care of. The "joys" of home ownership contribute, I'm certain, to my sleeplessness. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  4. I can only take power washing in small increments. And, then I am thrashed. Of course, you will be so proud of those clean floors once they are finished.

  5. Wow ! You worked your Butt Off ! That was a lot of work ! I hope you aren't too sore today and could just be Lazy !!! Will look so nice when its all done . Just need another bottle of Cabernet !!!!

  6. You are a trooper. You probably needed more than one glass of wine. Just reading all that you did made me tired and sore. So glad I have a cement porch. Janice

  7. Oh, sweetie. You really need to hire that out next time.
    The joys of home ownership~~~NOT!


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