Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy Place Starting Something New

Well new for me that is.  It is an oldie design by Magdalena Briner which has been named Harvey's Magdalena because it was Harvey's Art and Antiques who owned it in 1980.  Someone else owns it now I guess but it was Harvey who is the namesake.

See the bag of ugly dirty wool?  That is wool overdyed when getting ready to hook The Cat's Meow.  This will be a great bunch of worms to use here since they look so old and worn.
And, there is a glass of Pinot Noir to my right side, and just to the left of that is an oil painted Columbian Doll I made which used to have an antique dress.  You can see that same doll in the antique dress and bonnet on my home page of the web site.  But, after adopting Ben he thought she was a play toy.  NOT!!!!!! 

Thankfully the doll survived but the antique bonnet and dress did not. So since that time my Columbian doll has been in her knickers and a sweater that is a family heirloom gifted me by my friend Char.  I'm keeping it safe until her daughter or son would like to have it in their family.   Actually, I think it is time for my Columbian doll to be fully covered beyond her knickers so will give her a change of clothes sooner or later. 

Have a GOOD FRIDAY tomorrow.



  1. It looks like a perfect set up to sit down and hook in complete comfort. Love the little doll. Too bad the dog like it too.

    Enjoy your hooking evening Saundra.

  2. Hey, don't knock drinking wine in your knickers. ;)

  3. That looks like a fun rug to hook and i do enjoy starting a new project. Bean seems to think that everything I make is a toy for him, most of my bunnies have lost their eyes, lol.


  4. love the new rug...and that bag of dirty looking wool...wishing you a great weekend...

  5. Nice little hooking nest. Cozy.

  6. LOVE that doll you made, my oh so talented friend!
    I hooked a small version of that rug a few years ago, but I hooked it very un-Magdalena like. I'd like to try again ~ someday ~ in my spare
    Happy Easter.


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