Monday, August 22, 2016

Turkey and Tallowberries Progress

Am excited to show you my update today after looking at it on the floor in person before taking this photo.
There were a couple decisions made as the initial color planning was forming in my mind.  One was it seemed to need a balance to the light tallowberries and thought a one line border to outline the rug might do the job. So I chose a black and white honeycomb wool which was purchased from The Wool Studio.

The other first try and happy color choice was that bright orange for the eye. I'm sure many of you questioned my decision when first writitng about it but when looking a the rug on the floor just now my attention went straight to the eye.  And hey, aren't we supposed to look our subjects in the eye?  Plus, the white of the tallowberries doesn't overpower the rug because 'the eye has it' under control.

There is still more to hook, which is fine and I'll take my time.  Also still have the rest of Ned to bind but have a couple eye doctor appointments coming up so will do that while sitting in the waiting room.

My big Ben had his annual physical and senior blood panel last week. Today I was called and the kidney test was slightly elevated and the vet wants to do a sonogram to investigate about something she felt on his spleen.  Since Ben had a low grade mast tumor removed in April I need to be diligent on his health follow-ups.  Love my boy and want him to stay in my life as long as possible so he goes for the sonogram this Wednesday.

Happy Monday to you all.



  1. I can't believe how quickly you are hooking this rug!!! I am lovin' it.
    Good luck to Ben. I'll keep you both in my puppy prayers.
    Hugs :)

  2. Hope all goes well for Ben.

    You do make great wool choices.

  3. I really like your color choices, it pops in just the right places and the contrasts are beautiful together. I hope Ben is ok, hard when our fur babies get sick, I hope it is nothing serious.


  4. Hope Ben is going to be Ok.
    What a worry.
    I love your turkeys eye and as usual your color choices are wonderful.
    Hugs cheri

  5. Hi Saundra,
    I agree that your color choices are wonderful and I adore your rug! I do hope that all goes well for Ben's test and that you don't worry! That is the hard part!!
    Sending hugs and prayers~

  6. Your choices are always the best. Thinking good thoughts for Ben.

  7. Your rug is beautiful! I love your color choices. I learned how to hook several years ago, but am starting to pick it up again. I have difficulty with backrounds... what colors did you use?


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