Monday, November 21, 2016

Treasures, Trash, Value?

It has been time to purge my previously thought treasures for some time now.  It is an overwhelming task (for me anyway) because memories of when or why items were purchased or collected. Problem is those 'collectibles' manage to grow to great proportions over the years.

I've made numerous trips to the thrift shop where I just dropped off things but had some vintage items which I felt might be worth taking to the local auction house instead.  I say local but it was about a 25 minute ride both ways and it was me who had to set up the table.  Yeah, sorta like setting up for a show if you know what I mean, so work involved.

Of course I didn't have to stay or come back the evening of the auction as they would send me a check.  I was aware they would take 20% of the sale but figured a little something from the sale was better than nothing giving it to the thrift shop.

In this first picture there is an old electric sewing machine without the top and doubt it worked.  I had it displayed in my sewing room along with vintage Dollie dresses hanging on the wall.  I wanted to make a sewing room nest like my friend Frannie when we were all in the doll club together.
In the boxes above were tin and copper vintage kitchen items, glass cake plate with tin cover, mason jar full of buttons, chalkware fruit with hook which hung on the walls of the mid 1950s get the idea. 
The above photo is an antique and modern folk art doll cradle, 1950's child's toy crib filled with Raggady Annies, child blocks, celluloid dolls and other toys. 
This photo shows a workable child's ironing board, electric iron from the 50's, vintage halloween mask, vintage cowboy tin lunchbox, homemade doll house and large dolls, 1950's doll stroller in background, picture of a little girl in rocker, antique drying rack, and sundry other items which I've forgotten.

So today I get a check.  Couldn't wait to open it as I figured it might be somewhere about $80 or so.  Nope........are you ready for this?  

The check was for $32.00.  All the items went for mostly $2 each, even the lovely and in working condition was the 1950's crib.  The highest item sold for $5 was the lot of childrens blocks.  The jar of buttons went for $3 and the vintage crib for $2?????

Okay, that cured me for taking things to the auction.  The same person purchased everything with exception of the blocks. 

OH, in case you're wondering ~ no the hooked rug was not part of this auction. 

Have a great evening everyone.  I'm thinking (hoping) that I'll be finished working on the background of big red, the Red Lion antique rug before Thanksgiving day.  That way I can bind it at my son's house as he is cooking dinner for his family and my wonderful DIL is perusing the ads awaiting early 'black friday' sales events.



  1. Ugh....lesson learned....sorry y0ur goods d9dn't get a better price.

  2. Hi Saundra,
    Oh my!! So sorry you didn't get more!!! Not a fun lesson, but glad you got something!!!
    Hopefully working on your beautiful rug will cheer you up!!
    Heart Hugs, my friend~

  3. Grrrr, that's terrible. I would have felt better giving it to a thrift shop. Sorry you had a bad experience. You'll know better next time. You probably would have Meade a killing with some of those things on eBay

  4. How disappointing! 😿Maybe try EBay on the next purge.
    Have a a good night.

  5. Guess that wasn't the best auction for you. Sorry it didn't turn out!

  6. Very disappointing. But I hope you have a wonderful time with family on Thanksgiving.

  7. I feel your pain:( When my hubby and I combined households with my parents, we picked what we wanted to keep and sent the rest to an auction. Almost all were 1800's antiques. What a rip off. Most went to antique dealers and a really! low price, and later on I would see them in antique stores for really high prices. The worst was an Eastlake bureau which they bought for $50 and sold for $12,000!!! Auctions are a rip off...

  8. Ugh!! I bet you wanted to cry. Not even worth your gas money and time spent!

  9. I am cleaning out too but nothing to auction. I don't have a lot of nice things and if we do I send it to the resale shop we have locally. I do love the feeling of cleaning out.


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