Friday, February 12, 2021

Last Loop Pulled

Pulled the last loop on Horse and Scrolls this afternoon and now the dreaded binding process needs to be done.  Heck, I'm still not finished whipping the edge of Over the Moon which has been hooked for some time.  But at least there's only one other in the 'un-bound' pile.

The photo which follows was taken with a flash inside the house and the background looks brown but it isn't that brown but more of a heathery black.  Sure wish my digital camera took better photos but am not going to invest in another. 
This photo is taken on my back porch in natural light without a flash and it shows more of the primitive black color although the rug isn't quite THAT black.  Suffice it to say the real color is somewhere in-between.
Okay, soon I'll be in a frenzy with nothing new to put on my frame.  Despite my friend Lauren's claims I don't always plan ahead.  BUT!!!!!!  I have been thinking. 

Since I've been donating a lot of fabric to the thrift shop got looking at some of the cottons thinking..."that would look great as a flower", or that would be a great...whatever.  

In all the antique rugs posted on my blog, whenever there has been a close up of the textiles I've posted on the rugs, those photos show many were hooked with cottons, knits nylon stockings and whatever they used to MAKE DO.  

So was considering providing a free small project for anyone who wished to join in and use whatever you have ~ homespun, silk, flannel shirts, socks, red long johns, tee shirts, etc.  It would have to be small for me to keep my interest but you could make yours whatever size you desire.  

My thoughts would be SMALL, maybe an animal, a single flower, log cabin, etc.  But SMALL.  Did I mention small, lol.  Because you all know I get bored easily.  Give me your thoughts and maybe I'll do a couple line drawings and we can decide which one to challenge ourselves with.



  1. Your horse looks great. But then you always do a great job on those reproductions. I've also used a cashmere sweater in my hooking. After felting, it cut fine without raveling. And so soft. I'm looking forward to seeing b what you hook next.

  2. Your rug turned out great! I like both color versions actually so am sure I would like the real color also 😁. Have you ever shared any pieces you’ve hooked with cotton? I can’t imagine nylons but am sure someone somewhere. . .

  3. Ahhhh....that turned out as beautifully as I thought it would. (And I wish find the transfer cable for my digital camera I lost....I had just learned how to get the photos from the camera to my computer, and now the cable went MIA and I am stymied once again (the camera was an old one of my son's as mine had a malfunction and was too old to remedy). I've ordered cables I thought would work (even with the product no. of the camera, but's never what I need). Anyways (sorry for going off topic), I would love to follow along with you and whoever joins your challenge, but it seems me and my hooking are estranged at the moment. I do hope to remedy that in the not-so-distant future, but then it will be back to The Beast. And I have used non-wool fibers in several rugs and always spit tacks while doing so, so I think using alternative fabrics might push me over the edge at this point....if ya know what I mean. I hope others take you up on your offer as I think it would be great fun to follow along. ~Robin~

  4. Your mat 8s wonderful,SAUNDRA!,,,! I have used cottons,,,a whole rug of cottons,,,!! And Sweaters,,,,Socks,,,nylons,,,
    Would join you in a simple ,,SMALL MAT,,,,,

  5. I would be interested in doing something very small I have tried hooking cotton not
    an easy task and I could not do more than a strip or two.
    Your rug is lovely as usual you always do such a wonderful job

  6. I would be interested in Hooking asmall project using cottons, gauze material, nylons, basically a make do with what you have on hand. I added some cottons, etc in the last Antique Adaptation I just Hooked, the Warm Friendship Rug. Could be interesting!

  7. Oh this rug is beautiful ....all the pretty shades & soft colors look so good !!!

    I will join in on your idea of using fabrics ! Don't own any stockings , but have lots of calicos & old seam binding & who knows what else ....sounds like a fun challenge & I like Small too !!!

  8. I am such a traditional hooker. 100% wool and nothing more, but I would be willing to (perhaps) try something small. I don't have much fabric, but do have some sari and such.
    Horse and scrolls came out great. I sure wish it was easier to capture the true colors in a rug...sigh.


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