Monday, February 22, 2021

Movers and Shakers

There's a whole lot of shakin' going on here and another finish; this time the finish is for Magdalena's Pup hooked by Tammy.  She wrote  me saying her hands were tired but had a happy heart.  Tammy hooked with aged linen and said it was a bear to pull through because of the rough texture.  Tap the photo to enlarge and see the texture.
These are the textiles Tammy decided to use of the ones she was considering.  So you can see the linen she spoke of.
Pam is hooking Tattered Tulip and boy that velvet gives it a rich look.  People won't be able to keep their hands off it Pam.  Very nice and will welcome spring early to your house, at least inside anyway.
Cathy sent me an update of her Tattered Tulip with another color variation for our beautiful garden.
These are the textiles she has available and will choose as she goes.  

Elizabeth has sent in a photo of the progress on the Tulip.
In case you don't remember what her textiles were, she is using the curtain sample fabrics, which is all the alternative fabrics she had.
Sondra gave her first update today as well.  She said it is turning out brighter than normal for her but all she had to work with.  Yet it will be another beautiful Tulip in the spring garden.
Here are the textiles pulled for her adventure.  I think the wool shown is what is in the leaf so far.

Pat Cramer is also hooking the Tattered Tulip she concluded she'd never make a pioneer woman and that her hooking room is in shambles.  Hey Pat, we know.... ours is/was like that too.  Mine is always in a perpetual stage of unruly chaos.
Joan has also been working on her flower, tho the photo is slanted and a tad blurry you can see what she has accomplished.  
Joan has a fantastic collection of wonderful textiles and says she has a great selection of silk ties, paisley, homespun ...well you can see.  But she's not sure just what will eventually go into her piece.
And Lauren sent me her most recent update ~ nice to see the leaves are in progress.  Bet Lauren is happily pulling wool loops on another project to get her wool fix 😉.
That's it for today's blog post.  Will do another post when there is something new in this Challenge event.  Happy Hooking.



  1. I love looking at all the different fibers that everyone is using. I just cut up a old tshirt for my background tonight.

    1. I’ll be using lots of T-shirt material too Cathy

  2. I might get my Hooking mojo back from watching every ones progress. Thanks for doing this and sharing.

  3. They all look so amazing!!!!love to see them all,,,,Great show,,,,,

  4. I feel the pressure to begin! I haven’t started my hearts and circles but I gathered the material.
    People are doing a great and inspiring job!♥️

  5. So interesting to see all the different textiles everyone is using! I love the look of Tammy’s pup with all the cottons & linen background. Such a primitive look! ❤️ Certainly gives a new appreciation for the rugs our ancestors hooked. And the many color choices & all so awesome! Great hooking & color choices everyone!

  6. Looking great, one and all, loved the photos! Finally, linen arrived and materials gathered. Hoping to begin hooking today after vaccine #2 this morning.

  7. Wow ....this is so great seeing all the different fabrics friends are using , but Love that Velvet !!! Hope to finish my tulip today .

  8. Lots of interesting progress. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love what you "pioneers" are making. As others have said, all different, but all looking wonderful. I like the look of the cottons - they look more summery.

  10. Tammy's pup is delightful. What fun to see all the variations of the Tattered Tulip. I am finding it is much harder to hook with alternative fibers!

  11. Oh....Tammy's pup is so very winsome! While I have no doubt how difficult it must have been to hook, the linen sure gives it a uniquely wonderful look. And what a beautiful garden is coming to life! I am just stunned by the uniqueness and individuality each is showing even though the pattern itself is somewhat simple in concept. But, ok....that velvet has me very, very, VERY intrigued!! I absolutely love how it hooks up.....I can so see a bunny done in that gold!! ~Robin~


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