Sunday, February 7, 2021

Yesterday vs. Today

Yesterday the temperature was in the low 50's and sunny.  When I woke up this morning it was dreary and raining with temps at 41.  The rain stopped, the temperature dropped and it is now snowing like crazy and 36* outside. 

That's not the only difference between yesterday and today.  Yesterday I was in a funk all day despite the nice weather.  The only things productive were dropping off fabric, patterns, books and magazines to the thrift shop on the way to the grocery store.  

Had plans to list some items on ebay but just seemed like too much energy involved for not having the items sell.  Wanted to draw a pattern to hook for my wonderful DIL but wasn't in the mood.   Also wanted to do a blog post but wasn't in the mood to do that either.  

So thought I'd plop my butt on the sofa and watch TV while pulling a few loops but ended up surfing more than hooking and got bored with that.  Seemed nothing suited me.

Today I cleaned off my drawing table and drew out this pattern for my sweet daughter-in-law love which will be a Christmas gift or maybe birthday but doubt I'll have it done by then as it will be a part-time project.  Found the Tonya Robey pattern in a Primitive Quilts and Projects Winter 2014 issue and as soon as I saw it knew my DIL would love it.
Also drew a little something for me to work on as a break from the horse and scrolls rug.  Perhaps if I'd had a pattern on the side to play with it would have been enough to pull me out of that funk.  Won't show you what it is just yet, want it to be a surprise and it will give me something to blog about on another day.

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  1. It's not fun being in a Funky mood .... think you need something Fun & different like dreaming you are away at Rug Camp . Better yet Being at Rug Camp again !!! This isolation is too much !
    Your DIL's rug pattern will be sweet & a very special gift.
    It has been snowing here all day , looks pretty & is light & fluffy , will be easy to clean up . We have almost 4" so far & still coming down .
    Hope you feel better tomorrow Saundra

  2. Some days it is hard not to be in a funk and it can be hard to shake. I hope today, in spite of the snow, was a better day for you.
    Sounds like you are getting projects lined up. Looking forward to your secret pattern. I'm sure your daughter-in-love will treasure that rug hooked by you ;-)

  3. You want to surprise us? Or tease us LOL??? Ahhh, it seems I spend more time in funks than out of them. We are still in the deep freeze here.... Crazy windchills. I've been trying to unthaw my water pipe all day and am not being very successful. Hope you're enjoying your evening. ~Robin~

  4. I will take 40 temps as we were in the teens this morning with a high of 22. Sweet pattern for DIL. She will love it I am sure. Janice

  5. Sorry u were in a funk,,,It's Hard!,
    HOPE U feel Better,,,
    At least the snow brightens up things,,,
    Glad u got rid of a lot,,,Can't do that here yet,,the thrift shops are still closed with our lockdown,,,Have a few piles to get rid of ,too,,,Take care,,,

  6. wow, I was in a funk yesterday too, sun was shining, skies were blue, but was 27 BELOW zero, took a 3 hour nap which I never do, but dog jumped up and took one too, so that might have helped. always love to read your "thoughts."

  7. so sorry you were in a funk it never feels good. I am not talented enough to work on two or three patters at a time. Can't wait to see your new project.

  8. We all have those days. But isn’t it nice to be retired and not have to worry about if we feel like doing nothing. Cute rug for DIL.

  9. I am feeling like I have been under house arrest for over a year and it is starting to get to me too. This too will pass.


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