Thursday, February 25, 2021

Scrappy Cat and Tattered Tulip

Want to thank all those who decided to take on this alternative textile challenge and honestly was happily surprised at the number who participated.  

For those who may not have a big selection of cottons there are other fibers you can use for this challenge: socks with holes in the toe or heel, worn t-shirts, silk ties your partner doesn't wear, out of style blouses or items you planned for the thrift shop.  OR, go to the local thrift shop and purchase what you need at a very low price.  That would be more in keeping with the challenge rather than depending on wonderful warm wool.  A little bit in a piece is understandable I used a couple strips in the center of my leaves, and those odd colors in the background, but that's it.

Look at Denise's wonderful Scrappy Cat.  She said she's using all homespun.  Looks that hooks better and with less threads than my woven cotton.  You've a pretty feline there Denise, looks like a pure bred to me 😉.
Chris just made her debut showing today with her Tattered Tulip.
She is using hand torn quilting cotton, ribbon, yarn  and really wants to cut up an old pair of pantyhose because she hated them.     Chris confessed that color planning was always a challenge for her but with this challenge the gathering of different textiles mattered more than the right color.  Said it was freeing to give into the randomness of color choices.  Well said Chris!!!!   And here is a peek at what she's using in her piece.
Had hoped to post a photo of others which were close to ready but they hadn't arrived in my mail box by 6:40 p.m. so decided to post what I had.  Pam sent me a photo of her tulip, which is gorgeous and being hooked with velvet, but the photo had blotches of sunlight and shadows of her hand which distracted from the beauty of her work.  Am awaiting for another photo but she just might be finished if I receive it tomorrow.  

Happy  hooking.



  1. Loving al of the wonderful rugs! Janice

  2. Oh I love Denise's kitty!! (Could it be I have a thing for cats??? Don't answer's rhetorical.) Hard to believe that is homespun....she has managed to hook it as neatly as wool (ok, probably neater than I can do with wool LOL). I really love that little touch of lighter colored fabric in the back foot. And while I have not seen any of Chris's other works, from what I am seeing, I think she has a real knack for this....her leaves are looking great! ~Robin~

  3. Love the Kitkat!!! And the start of another tulip,,,,What great mats,,,

  4. Nice kitty and tulip start. It has been fun to follow everyone.

  5. That Kitty is adorable !! And the tulip is looking very pretty too !!! Fun !!!!

  6. Kitty is just too fun and a great start to the Tattered Tulip!


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