Thursday, February 18, 2021

Tattered Tulip, my Beginning

This is a more realistic challenge for me in terms of size and detail than the wonderful Patriotic Shield.  Hooking the Shield I looked critically at the stars and wondered how they would appear with wide flannel and changed my plan.  Will definitely hook the Shield later with wool.  Now to my new challenge, Tattered Tulip.  

I pulled a mix of woven cottons and cotton flannel but that mint green looks too light.  
This is the original photo of Tattered Tulip and the mint flannel IS to light.  Yeah, I tried to stay within the colors of the original ~ so silly of me and when you see the other gals you'll know why.
So decided to change up my fabric up a bit.  Mint flannel on the left and the back of a vintage cutter quilt on the right.
As planned I tried to walk in the shoes of our foremothers using this antique hook.  You can see it has a carved wooden handle and guessing the hook was a chiseled down nail with a hook on the end.  Don't know how our foremothers hooked with that, but they did and quite successfully. I tried at least half dozen times to pull each strip up but grabbed my trusty Hartman to continue.
FYI, I cut the cotton and flannel about 1/2" but might have been able to achieve more with 3/4 or 1" strips.  Below is all I've accomplished today.
I've received photos and updates from a couple gals and you wouldn't believe what some have accomplished.  Will do another post tomorrow with an idea on how we can share our messages with each other instead of me posting all the photos on my blog.  

Briefly here's the idea....

I could do a 'Challenge Rug Hooking Group' email where everyone's email address in a BCC (blind carbon copy) each can read the email without divulging each of our email addresses.  This way we can share at will our ideas, photos, etc. 

Of course it would mean when you want to share your photos you'd need to choose "REPLY ALL" and not just "REPLY".  The Reply would just come to me instead of the whole participating group.

Will probably dream a sleepless night while figuring this out in my head.  Have a good night, happy hooking and will connect with you all tomorrow.

NOTE:  Evening Stitcher you are a NO-REPLY blogger and am unable to send you an email.



  1. Wow,,,,it looks great ,Saundra!!!
    Love what u have chosen for flower,,,
    I hope to do more today,,,but wasn't feeling well in the night,,,So see what today brings,,,,

  2. Wow! I haven't even gotten mine on the linen yet. I do have some fabric pulled but when I am in my 4 days of work not much get done. You should post them here off and on to show your followers too.

  3. You and Jo will probably be done before I pull my first loop! You are off to a great start and saw Jo's start on FB. You and others will put me to shame.
    I got your email, but I like the idea of posting progress a couple times a week here on your blog. I think many would be interested in seeing what is being hooked.

  4. Your looks great ! Love you colors for the tulip !!! Hope to pull a few loops soon !

  5. Fantastic start...and really love the tulip bloom that is a mix of the original floral print fabric you chose and the quilt backing? Yes!!! I want to see the progress of others too pretty please!! ~Robin~

  6. Ok...didn't my comment go through? Grrr... I have no internet and only a spotty intermittent access on my cell. Difficult to read or comment on blogs...and now comments not publishing...going to give up I guess. Not sure when I will be back. :-(


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