Thursday, February 4, 2021


I've been weeding thru magazines to throw out those which I've no interest in.  While doing so have made a list of which Primitive Quilts and Projects magazines have a design I want to hook ~ didn't catalog all patterns, just those which interest me.  So no needlework or quilt designs, only those patterns which could be converted to a hooked project.  I list the title of pattern, designer's name, issue and page so when I'm looking for something new to put on the frame will be able to find it easily.  Have also been weeding out Early American Life magazines.

By now you're wondering what perusing magazines has to do with 'throwback Thursday'.  Well it really has a lot to do with rug hooking icon Barb Carroll,
this Early American Life magazine and an antique rug.
While thumbing thru the above magazine I was reunited with this article.   Then a fond memory of a class with Barb emerged.  Barb called us over to her work station to look at an antique rug she'd recently purchased and said there was an upcoming article about it in EAL magazine and we could see the rug in person.
As Barb is talking about the rug I lifted one corner of  it to peek at the underside to find how it was bound or if it was completely covered.  Like a true faithful Catholic who was taught by Nun's, she smacked my hand.  I actually laughed out loud yesterday with that memory.  She didn't smack my hand hard, but didn't skip a beat in her dialogue as she did so.  She wasn't ready to explain that part yet and didn't want me snooping too early.  OMG, gotta love that woman!
This is the underside of that antique rug I tried to take a peek at.

If you would like to have a copy of this old issue you can find it HERE as I'm keeping mine.



  1. Oh that was too funny how Barb slapped your hand !!! I went thru all my old magazines last year & tore out the pages I liked too , they are all in a folder & I don't know where the heck I put that !!! Sometimes Nellie Neatness really goes too far !!!

  2. Being a Catholic myself, I laughed at you getting your hand smacked. Remember quite a bit the nuns doing that to students. Beautiful rug and great story! Janice

  3. Oh that is kind of funny! I have been weeding out magazines too I have a pile as high as my eye I swear! to get rid of not many EAL though mostly rug hooking magazines. I write on the front of the ones I am keeping what I want inside or I rip it out and dispose of the magazine. I have a file folder going of things I ripped out. Really I am not even keeping a 1/4 of what I had.It feels good to purge.

  4. Fun memory...and I'd keep that issue as well. Argh....going through old magazines is yet another task I need to tackle. I have years and years of them....Cross stitching ones, craft ones, Country Living ones, you name it. It just seems kind of sad to send to recycle, but it needs doing I guess. ~Robin~

  5. Same here!!!too many magazines to go thru!!!
    Funny memory!!,!

  6. I have many old issues of EAL but not sure if I was subscribing at that time. I often let my subscription lapse as I just get to dang many magazines.

  7. What a fun memory. And aren’t you being so productive 😉


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