Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Checking In and a Confession

Oh boy, I know that word "Confession" got your attention, didn't it?  But first, the group has expanded with some gals figuring out how to fix or circumvent the No-Reply Blogger issue.  But Linda wants to join and is a No-Reply.  I've decided this Friday will be the deadline to join. 

Wow, 15 17 people have joined and I'm honored that you've selected this as a challenge.  It will be quite a challenge for me too and I love antique rugs.  But I've never hooked an entire piece using textiles our foremothers used.  Also will use one of my antique hooks (for as long as I can) which seems so small to pull those hefty pieces of homespun cotton, but they used to do just that.  Am sure I'll be grabbing my Hartman tout de suite.

Okay, now you ready for this....the CONFESSION?   This is the design I chose to hook for the challenge. all know I'm a fickle hooker, I've told you that numerous times.
Have decided to hook a smaller piece, lol.  I'm going with the majority and have decided to hook the Tulip!  There, you heard it here first.  Think I bit off more than I could chew with the larger Shield, the Tulip is cute and achievable in a shorter time ~ particularly since I'm the administrator of this challenge. 
Now for those ADMINISTRATIVE DUTIES:   As people have signed up several have inquired if folks would be sending updates on their accomplishments.  And I would hope so and I could do a blog post with pictures/comments from participants on what they have done every couple days.  I'm sure many would like to know what fabrics you're using for which design and maybe even see a photo of your progress.

I plan to do a post tomorrow showing what I'll be using to hook the Tattered Tulip.  But since there are new participants lets give them and you a chance to gather your stuff and plan to give me an email, pictures, and info on what you're doing on Friday, 2/19.  

Gotta get myself busy switching color plan from patriotic to flower.  Have a great evening and happy hooking.  Hope everyone is warm and so sorry for those freezing in Texas and the tornado victims.  



  1. I will not get much done by Friday I am in my four days of work so not much gets done. who knows maybe I will surprise myself.

  2. Sounds good!! That's great so many involved ,,,
    Enjoying the tulip,,,,
    Glad u made the switch!!!

  3. I have my pattern enlarged, today will start the search for materials around the house & hopefully some hooking!

  4. Woman...I will be lucky if I get my pattern enlarged by! wide do you tear your t-shirt fabric for hooking? I know it will curl after being torn, but I just don't know how wide to tear it. Tks ;-)

  5. More people joining in !!! Will send a picture , started a little bit yesterday ....luckily my woven towel stretches so it is easier to pull loops .

  6. Wise decision. If you are going to show the pictures from everyone you are going to be super busy. On my quilting groups we just share links to the other folks blogs. Easier and then they get additional blog visits, too.

  7. Wish I had the time to get in on this challenge. How fun and I would have picked the tulip one too! Janice

  8. Lots of fun going on! I will be especially interested to see everyone's fabric choices. I really do like that tulip and that is what I would have ended up doing too if I had joined in most would be the simplest as far as color planing goes. But like Sissy, I wouldn't have even gotten the thing onto linen fact, I wouldn't even have linen (or burlap or monk's) to have gotten it on so, yeah, I would have started off behind with no chance of ever catching up. ~Robin~

  9. Did I miss a " deadline" To/join ?? I hope I fixed my no respond comments section on my Blog


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