Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Textile Challenge Update

 Sondra finished  her tulip and boy does it look old.  Not only did she not do that tan border all the way around (similar to the antique) but she made 3 square corners and one rounded corner on purpose.  Job well done Sondra.  Wish I could claim I hooked it, lol.
Rhonda has made great strides on her challenge piece despite having a job and taking care of grandchildren.  You can see the textiles she's using in the project ~ wonderful Rhonda and now I'm wondering what color that background will be.   That blouse was perfect for your tulip.
Kimm chose Hearts in Circles as her challenge.  She is using t-shirts, jeans, and pillowcases ripping them in 3/4" strips.   She said the red t-shirt is a pleasure to hook with but not the black.  She plans to use the jeans too but hasn't tried those yet. 
Elizabeth provided an update on her Tulip and the silk tie she's using in the center of the leaf adds more interest.  Perfect addition to your textile usage!   Sure hope that wasn't a favorite tie of someone in your home😁.

And, a different color background too.  It is cool to see the different color choices for backgrounds for the same designs.  I find that as interesting as the various textiles people choose or have available.  
Will post another update tomorrow if there is something to share.  Happy hooking everyone.



  1. Wow....I am running out of expletives for all these beautiful pieces! Sondra's truly could pass for an authentic antique/vintage rug... I am loving Rhonda's color palette - beautifully understated. Kimm's making nice progress too...but I am really curious how hooking with denim will work. My hands hurt just thinking about it. I also really love the coloring of Elizabeth's. Is that wool she is using for the leaves and background??? I'm liking the color of the leaves especially well. ~Robin~

  2. These are all amazing. I am going to be embarrassed to share mine...sigh.

  3. Wow Sondra, excellent choices & hooking! Yours certainly could pass as an antique. This has been a wonderful challenge to see everyone’s use of textiles & what they had on hand.

  4. I am getting close to the finish line I hopefully will have an update later today.
    great pieces!!

  5. Sondra's does look so beautifully prim !! I Love Rhonda's red tulip ! Kimm 's is looking great , but I worry about hooking with denim too .... Elizabeth's tulip looks so pretty , good idea to use old ties !
    So much fun seeing everyones work !!!

  6. I like the primitive look ,I tried hooking did not like the way my turned out, I do needle punch . I do add fabric by doing hooking ,I like the texture in my punch I will keep trying hooking
    I like the feel of wool


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