Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Let's Get this Party Started!

Am pleased there are 10 15 participants so far, me being 16th.  Just added one more as Denise B figured out what her problem was with the No-Reply Blogger.  But Linda, unfortunately you are a NO-Reply Blogger so I cannot send you an email or photos.

Someone with forethought asked me what the RULES were for this challenge.... time limit, colors, size, etc.

RULES ~  there aren't any rules except this "challenge" was intended to try and walk in the shoes of Magdalena and other 1800s rug hookers who used what they had.  Heck, if you look at the priceless rugs they produced, survived against all odds and brought big bucks at auction, I'd say they did a great job using what they had.

RULES ~ there is no time limit, just hook at your leisure and send me a photo when you have something to show and share.  Heck, you know me, I might put mine aside and start something else in between.  But bet readers will be interested in seeing how this is going.

RULES ~ You don't have to use the same colors as the original antique.  Use the colors you prefer.  

OH, and there isn't a prize, lol.  This is to be a personal challenge.

In the past, they used red long johns, cotton stockings, calicos, denim, silk if they had it and whatever was left over and not quite worn out.  Probably the only wool used back then would have been from civil war uniforms.

As soon as I chose my design thought these would be what was needed for the mat.
These are cottons....where are those rotary cutters I used to have??  😞  Did have them but guess when I got all fancy and purchased an expensive cutter those were put in a box for the thrift shop.  Well hell, so out came the scissors.  That reddish stripe was a thready piece which would have been nothing but threads had I ripped it.  Thankfully there were lines which I could follow to hand cut.  Those were cut in 1" strips and hooked just fine.  But...
..it seemed too pink to my eye.  The theady stuff is hooked and the brighter red is cotton flannel which rips perfectly.  At first I ripped the flannel at 3/4" and hooked fine but thick.  So eventually ripped in 1/2" strips.   So depending on the textile you're using it will be experiment as you go.
Looking at the photo above that thready porous fabric doesn't look all that pink to me now.  Oh well, I'll still use it in the hit and miss border so it will be used.

Guess by now you know what I've chosen to hook.  I enlarged the Patriotic Shield 250% to the dimensions of 19.5 x 21.  After the piece is hooked plans are to do a black walnut spray to tone it down and age it.

And you will notice the stripes are wonky.  Yup, that is the way the antique looked  after it was well worn and that is the way I'm going to hook it.  
For a recount of our group here is the list I have.  Let me know if I've left anyone out or have your design wrong.

Hearts in Circles
Sheep Under Feet

Tattered Tulip
Cathy of Acorn Hollow
Jo Wick
Joan Montgomery
Elizabeth Rice
Pamala Gunn
Patricia Cramer

Magdalena's Pup
Margaret Zenk
Tammy (Babypelk)

4Hearts and Flowers
Sue Swank 

Scrappy Cat
Denise B

Patriotic Shield

Okay gals, if you have any other questions or suggestions please let me know.  Hope we all have fun and experience a little of the people who inspired our love of hooking rugs.

Love to all.




  1. I have gathered a few things to use this will be a challenge to not use wool although I will not promise not to use any wool lol.

  2. So excited there is so much interest,!!!Fun!
    I have it drawn out and it's not very big,,,Picked out some cottons,,,,,sweater ,,,nylons,,,So far and have ulled a few loops,,,love UR reds ,,,Saundra,,,,

  3. Is it too late to join? I think I fixed my account.

  4. Also asking is it to late to join?? Understood if it is - will still enjoy following along to see what everyone does. My choice would be the tattered tulip - & Thanks

  5. How cool that you have more interest and there are people I do not recognize on your list. Pretty please change me to the tattered tulip ;-)
    I was wondering what you had chosen. Now I know!!!

  6. Great more people are joining in the fun !!! I am coffee dying things over again , they are still too bright , but forgot all about the walnut spray , think I still have that from long ago. I have some nice flannel , didn't think of that ....still digging thru my stash piles !!! Hope to hook a little today & tomorrow !

  7. Just trying again! I think my settings are finally correct. 😀

  8. Will enjoy following. I just have too many irons in the fire to join in. Have fun!!!

  9. Well, dang....this just got all kinds of interesting! 16 participants!! Love it!! I hope you will share the progress of those we don't follow or provide links to their progress posts perhaps? This will be great fun to watch along. I do like that first red you chose (and, yay! The heart/shield was one of my choices...and glad to see others are doing the kitty too!) but literally got shivers when you said "thready." Gah! That brings back paisley memories LOL. ~Robin~


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