Friday, February 19, 2021

A Few Challenge Pieces in Progress

Here are a few photos to share of a few participants' progress.

Elaine was the first to check in with a photo and what textiles she is using.  Her challenge piece included cotton, wool sweater, sari silk, nylons and yarn.  And what seems to be the complaint from all of us who photo our mats, she says the colors are not as bright as the photo shows.  Great work Elaine, you sent me this a day or two ago so guess you are already done with this one and maybe starting another, 😉.
Nancy drew her pattern freehand.  She confirmed my sentiments by saying, "this is not as easy to hook with (as wool).   She started with old seam binding at the top, then cut calico strips about 3/4" wide to do the rest which she says was easier to pull through.  The dark blue is a piece of homespun.  Her hand is tired but is happy with how it is turning out.  Nancy, I totally agree with you, it looks really neat!!!
Elizabeth is also doing the Tulip and sent a photo of the textiles she plans to use, but things could change, she said.  Elizabeth, I know that all too well as I've gone back to my fabric shelf a few times since starting mine.

Elizabeth drew her pattern 18 x 20 1/4 and using what fabrics she has on  hand which includes light weight curtain samples, cotton, green jersey and/or green wool yarn.  She plans a mauve and lighter pink as is wool yardage strips.
Denise chose Scrappy Cat as her challenge piece and these are the fabrics she is planning to use.  Not sure what size pattern she has decided on but we will hear and see more from her in the future.
Jo Wick has provided us with lots of photos with her accomplishments so far and close up shots of the textiles.  Looking great as is everything you hook or punch.  A full shot of her Tulip.
Photos of textiles she's using.

And close up views of some areas; here on the tulip.
And close up of the leaf.
Jo, that  mix of wool and other fibers really works well together, I might do some reverse hooking and adapt some wool too 😁 .

Tammy wanted to work on the Magdalena Pup; oh but those x's are so familiar to me as I do the same thing when I want to change something on a pattern.  Guess we rug hookers have a lot in common.
She also send a couple photos of the textiles she will use. 

If I've missed anyone and their photos, send an update to the group and I'll be sure to put them in a future blog post so others can see them who are not part of this challenge.   

Happy Hooking everyone.



  1. Wow !!! Everybody's fabrics & what they have done looks so pretty !!! Jo Wick has really mixed textures well & love her colors .....wish I had yarn & other fabrics to use too .....this is fun , the cute Puppy will be neat ! This is really a fun project !!!

  2. Oh how fun! They are looking wonderful. I love the look of the plaids hooked.

  3. All looking so well! Cannot wait to see more! Janice

  4. I haven’t started mine yet but I’m impressed by the diverse materials and work so far. Yay

  5. Love all the variety of mats and to see how different each is with the fabric,,,Will let be done today,,,

  6. wow Love all the starts and their fabric choices. I drew mine out last night and rummaged around for fabric so I will get started this weekend on it. Wonderful Challenge!

  7. Very interesting and inspiring to see all the different uses of textiles.

  8. Great stuff. Bet everyone will appreciate the antiques even more after this!!

  9. Very, very, cool! Looks like you have some over-achievers in the group LOL.. They all look great...but I can't wait to see that kitty!! ~Robin~ (Still no internet...can only access blogger for a few minutes once in a great, great, while.)


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