Tuesday, February 23, 2021

A New Showing and New Finishes

Jane's Scrappy Cat has an interesting story... their neighbor's cat always visits and has a lot to say when they mow their lawn.  The cat's front legs are slightly bowed so she changed the pattern to show that.  

Jane used a Marino wool sweater, acrylic knit woman's top, synthetic blouse and yarn to hook the cat.  She said the fibers all hooked up like butter and much better than using a #8 wool strip.   She is hooking the cat on dyed burlap.  
Nancy has finished her Tattered Tulip and it's ready for binding.  Looks nice with the blue background Nancy!
I asked Nancy 
what she was going to do next and she said finish this design which was started in the fall.  It is a design by Woolen Memories.
An update on Sondra's Tulip has the leaves finished now and am looking forward to see what she does with the rest of the background.
Well of course Margaret finished her Magdalena Pup.
Margaret said she didn't use any wool and liked working with the knits and think she will do more hooking with tee shirts in the future.  Also shared that ultra and micro suedes hook up nice and the wide corduroy worked good after washing.  She's not a fan of using thick cotton flannels even with a Hartman.  So you gals out there who are still working on this challenge take note.   She plans to hook this design again in wool...wonderful wool.  

And guess what!  I finally pulled the last loop on my Tulip piece, that's why my blog post is late tonight.
For me this was a great challenge to try and think I kept going because my hooking, blog sisters where in there with me.  Believe me there is a whole new respect for those rug hooking trailblazers before me and they only used chiseled nails imbedded in carved wood as their hook ~ I have some which were found in antique stores.  Even tried pulling loops with it but gave up after numerous tries before pulling out my Hartman hook.

There are still a few participants who I haven't heard a peep from and am wondering if you need advice from us who have started and/or finished.  Are you still gathering textiles?? BUT I DO KNOW one person just joined and another just received her linen.  

Happy hooking.



  1. Oh they are all just beautiful! Such a fun project to share. 💕

  2. Wow! They are all amazing,,,
    From a picture you wouldn't know it wasn't wool,,,(from the distance),,love the cat,,,and the blue background behind the tulip,,,andndndlways blues behind Pup!,,,love Urs too,Saundra,,,
    What Fun,,,,the tulips show up better with dark background,,,,Will gift mine to my sister,,,,

  3. Love the scrappy Cat !!! I found it was a lot easier pulling knit fabric than the calico . Love the Puppy & Your Tulip looks great ! I will try to get some velvet ribbon & take my grand daughters stained knit outfits to hook with again ! Fun to see my" Little Quilt Basket"project on your blog !!!

  4. These are all so creative and GORGEOUS! I started mine last night and will hook a bit more before sending the pic. T-shirt’s do hook lovely. Mine did twist a bit but I decided to let it go.

  5. Wonderful finishes and projects in process. Fun, fun, fun!!!

  6. What wonderful rugs! Love looking at everyone's progress! Janice

  7. Each and every one is beautiful! I really love the softness of the peachy pink in your flower, Saundra...and I knew that kitty was going to be adorable fun. ~Robin~

  8. I am loving seeing everyone’s rugs! Janet’s scrappy cat is awesome! As a Primitive gal I really like yours Saundra with your dark background.


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