Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Diagnosis and Rx

The diagnosis for the day in a funk was due to monotony of hooking on  horse and scrolls.  Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE that design but it became monotonous with it as my only design to work on.   

In the past (on occasion) intermittently I had two projects going at the same time.  Yeah recently spoke about knitting a wool cap or pulling out my punch needles but those didn't interest me.  The medicine I needed to cure that funk was to draw a small pattern to hook.  And voila!!!  I was healed ๐Ÿ˜.  

That LITTLE SOMETHING  drawn for me is this pattern by Maggie Bonanomi from her booklet "Another Place and Time" which she refers to as 'her little wonky heart pillow'.
Tonight I'll set the wonky heart aside and am excited to get back to  White Horse and Scrolls.  

On the propane front..... yesterday 209.6 gallons of propane was delivered to the tune of $575.70.  Yep, in just two months I've used up all those other 204 gallons of propane delivered December 10th.      And the price increased 20 cents per gallon in just two months.  With this so called 'new green deal' (where several thousand jobs were cut) the price of gas, oil and propane will rapidly increase.  Oh, also electric bills will increase because there will be a solar tax included in your for it. 

Another wintery storm mix is headed this way; tonight it will be rain and snow and another will roll thru tomorrow.  I'm thinking luck will soon run out on the low snow levels and before long we'll get dumped on.  But hey, it is winter.



  1. We are fiiinley supposed to get some winter beginning tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜❄️ And your fun little heart- your loops are so perfect! It’s adorable ๐Ÿ’–

  2. Yikes. We had propane when we were in the farm. Yes it’s pricey but fir us it was better than our old fuel oil furnace that spit black smoke like the coal furnace in a Christmas Story. Lol

  3. Sweet heart,,,,,Good to have more than one or two on the go,,,, I have to have a variety ,,,So not bored,,kl
    Stay warm,,,,Good u got filled up,,,
    More Snow here and Brrr cold!!!!

  4. Love that little heart pattern and the pretty red you used. Yikes on the gas. And you are right. Our energy bills are going to go out the roof with this administration. Hope your weather isn’t horrible. It was 70 here yesterday, with sun. Today it is cooler with storms and rain. You never know from day to day.

  5. Love your heart a nice break from background. This is the first year for propane for us in husband's shop and our generator. I hope we do not need the generator much as it would be very expensive for any length of time. We are in an active pattern for weather too but no huge storms just a lot of smaller storms one after another another.

  6. Love this heart pattern ! I have that book , so may need to hook that too ! It's fun hooking small pieces for instant gratification !
    I am Sick of Winter & Covid ....that's all I can say !!!!

  7. Well, Doctor...happy that you were able to self diagnose!
    Sweet heart...and of course I had to go look it up. Not sure what I will be hooking next...sigh.

  8. Well, now I know who to call when my next funk sets in....oh wait! it never left.... So Mummy Dearest??? Errrr...I mean DR Mummy?? ;-) Sweet little heart, but doesn't look all that "wonky" to me. And your hooking is obviously that of an experienced perfectly even and spaced. Sadly, I have never mastered that. NOW we can talk about wonky. Bummer and then some about the propane bill....but I feel your pain. Our main heat here (in Nod) is fuel oil, but we have a small propane tank for our fireplace and our back up generator. I was crossing every body part that could be crossed last night that we did not run out of propane when the electricity went out for several hours. Not fun when it's -30ยบ. Hope the white stuff misses you.... It would have to warm up A LOT before it can snow again here. ~Robin~

    1. For those readers of comments, just a little side note on Robin referring to me as variations of 'mummy', lol. It is an endearment and handle she gave me when I had poison ivy so bad I was wearing long sleeves, long pj pants and wrapped my neck with a kerchief each night. Robin said I was dressed like a mummy and so the nickname stuck. So now when she refers to me in that way in the comments or on her blog, you'll know who she is writing about and why. I kinda like it ~ thanks for the creative nickname Robin.

  9. That does not look like wonky heart to me. Looks pretty awesome. Yes our gas prices already went up 35 cents the day Biden signed the executive order to stop the pipeline. UGH Janice


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