Sunday, February 21, 2021

More Progress on the Textile Challenge

The first updates on this post will be for the litter of Magdalena's Pups. First up is the progress of Tammy.  I think Tammy (like me) is using mostly cotton to hook the project, which isn't very forgiving.  But our foremothers used it and want to struggle thru.

Wonderful looking pup you've got there Tammy and can't wait to see what you do with the rest.  I always enjoyed hooking those curves in the corners of Magdalena's rugs ~ maybe just me but seemed to make the finishing go so much faster.
Margaret is also hooking Magdalena's Pup.  I might be wrong but believe she is hooking this a little larger size than the rest of us.  Margaret is using ultra suede, wool, cotton knit and the red collar is red lace seam binding (OMG I've used that in the past when making my own clothing).

Love the pup's blue eye!!!!!  Looking forward to your background it just an outline in blue or is the whole background going to be blue?  You're keeping us in suspense.
Now to the spring tulips.... Nancy's Tulip appears to have the morning sun shinning on the tips of an Agrass Golden Tulip.  The blue background is a soft change from the dark background I'm doing.  Very nice Nancy!!
Lauren posted her update on her blog but she deserves a spot here as as she is part of our group.  And she should post what she's doing on her blog.  Lauren showed the group the textiles planned to hook the piece and they all melded together so well.  No doubt it will be a beautiful piece because she will have angst if every loop doesn't lay just right and will play with every loop until it does what she wants.  
Now to my Tattered Tulip.  I took two photos just in case one was really off kilter, and just seconds apart.  For you long time followers am sure you've seen my ORB photos.  This evening I saw an orb like one I've never seen before.  It happened to be the first photo.  Do you see that PINK ORB???  I have only seen white orbs in all the photos I've taken.  
Seconds later I took another photo and this is the one I sent to the 'group' who communicate with one another.  I didn't see the orb until viewing it on my PC.
As this Challenge was started a week ago I'm officially closing the invitation to new participants.  Unfortunately Becky, Linda and Robin are NO-Reply Bloggers.  However, you could do your own personal challenge or start your own group challenge ~ and Robin I think you are doing just that, good for you to inspire activity during this never-ending shut down.

But we who signed up for this challenge will be in it for the long haul...right gals?????   Yeah, I need a good soft wool hug but I'll be with you and have your backs all the way.



  1. Awesome Mats! So much inspiration from everyone,,it's been fun,,,Thanks for organizing it,,,

  2. The pups are so sweet!
    Lovin' both yours and Nancy's tulips.
    I just posted a sneak peak of the tulip on my blog. I only plan to post updates after they have been shown on your blog ;-)

  3. Oh my gosh that Pink Orb is amazing !!! Could that be MZ Magdalena enjoying your challenge ??? LOL
    This is Fun !!!

  4. The first thing I saw in this post was the pink orb LOL...Fascinating. And LOL about Lauren's beautiful progress....I just chided her for her perfectionism on her blog....this has to be pure torture for her. ;-) Everyone's pieces are looking fantastic. Those pups are adorable...I almost think that they have achieved a more realistic "fur" look by using the alternative fibers. Tulips are all beautiful too. I really like that spot of darker in the center of your very realistic to how a tulip blooms. And ya know I am always partial to those dark backgrounds. But, ahem...I was not aware you were a closet botanist?? You surprised me with that Flaming Agrass remark LOL. ~Robin~


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