Monday, February 15, 2021

A Finish and Challenge Update

Tammy P, Denise B, Rhonda, and Unknown, I cannot email you because you are a NO-REPLY blogger so I can't communicate with you or send you the line drawing.  You need to go into 'blogger' and put in your email address OR as I'd indicated in the other post, use the EMAIL ME form.

That which was finished last actually finished first.  Yes, it's true, Over the Moon is still being bound but not finished, White Horse and Scrolls was finished just before this Wonky  Heart by Maggie Bonanomi but this one gets bound first.  Well partly because it was smaller.  And because I wanted to try the cross stitch border Lauren seems to enjoy so much.  Must admit it does make an interesting border but I don't have the hours of experience doing cross stitch as she does, so my stitches are off kilter and unequal in distance.  But ya know, I don't's done.
Now to the challenge ~ I've  made the decision to send the Pattern line drawings of the designs to the individuals who are interested in participating.  I won't post all the line drawings on my blog....think I heard a huge sigh of disappointment, lol.  But this is for those folks who want to play along with me and NOT use the line drawings and draw patterns for profit.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all for free enterprise and these are antique rugs which anyone can make a pattern from.  Therefore those who wish to sell patterns can do their own work for the basic drawing.

Now, for those of you who wish to hook the patterns I don't care if you sell the finished piece afterwards or even if you wish to hook the design a second time because you didn't like your first color choices.  During this time of sheltering in thought it would be fun to have a hook-in, albeit at a distance and share pictures, questions, share ideas, etc.

So now you know the rules, who else would like to join in?  For those of you who have already told me what you want to hook, I'll send you the line drawings and original antique photo either later tonight or tomorrow after my morning appointment.  

Lauren ~ Hearts in Circles
Sheep Under Feet ~ Hearts in Circles 
Elaine ~ Tattered Tulip
Cathy, Acorn Hollow ~ Tattered Tulip
NMK ~ Tattered Tulip
Jo Wick ~ Tattered Tulip
Joan Montgomery ~ Tattered Tulip
Margaret Zenk ~ Magdalena's Pup
Sue Swank ~ 4 Hearts and Flowers
KMKosmider ~ Scrappy Cat

If I missed anyone or someone else would like to join in, Please let me know which pattern you want.  You can see the choices in my previous blog HERE.  If you aren't sure if you are a NO REPLY BLOGGER, then use the 'EMAIL ME' format or I'll not be able to respond.

Have a great evening.



  1. Awwww....I love your wonky heart....The background is so unusually creative. And the finishing technique suits it perfectly. I wish everyone the best of fun in the hook-along....and am looking forward to following everyone's progress. Good luck with your appointment's hoping you have warmer weather than I had for mine today. ~Robin~

  2. Love UR heart,!!
    Sounds great ,Saundra!!!Glad there are a few of us to hook together,,,,
    Gets me motivated!!!

  3. I just need my fingers to heal they are so cracked and dry from this weather I had a hard time hooking yesterday. Looking forward to the little hook a long.

  4. So happy to see so many are joining in on your challenge!
    You did a great job on your X finish. I may be able to cross stitch on an even weave fabric without issue, but my Xs on the borders I've done are pretty wonky, too. I am doing that finish on my Wonky Heart mat. You sure got yours done in a hurry.

  5. Love your heart & the way you finished the edges ! I will try that for the Tattered Tulip design !!! Love how the stitches are wonky , makes it even cuter !!!

  6. Thanks for the oppotunity, I'd love to work on the Tattered Tulip. I "emailed" you.


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