Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Out of Hiding

Today I did a little nesting, thanks to sweet Cammie.  When I saw her blog post on Primitive Junky it made me think that my delightful hooked rugs needed to be brought out of hiding and displayed for me to enjoy every day.

Heck, I had the perfect container, an antique copper boiler which belonged to my dear departed grandfather.  Matter of fact as a child it was filled with water and used to sit in it during the summer.  My mother used that as bath time and to me it was play time.
Now some of my rugs are in clear view and can rotate them more easily and frequently. There are MANY more rugs rolled and in wire mesh baskets.  Some are ones I'd like to sell, some are small mats which are brought out for table top decorations during certain seasons and some are meant to be put on my walls.  There's more wall space along the wall below as well as other rooms.
In the same room and to the right side of th above couch along the adjacent wall is the fireplace and an E.S. Frost Sheep rug with scrolls I hooked a few years ago with Barb Carroll.   On the antique dry sink are a few dolls which were made by me and some of my friends.  The oil painted Columbian doll in the antique rocker is one I made.  Two were made, I sold one and kept this one.  She is wearing an antique baby dress but in her lap is the Challenge rug which I've started to bind.
I've got it easy tonight and tomorrow.  My son, however will be cooking and always turns out a great meal for the family.  My only task is to take an apple pie for the Princess (aka the daughter-in-love) and pumpkin pie for my son.  In return I'll bring home all the dark meat and bones on the turkey since they only like white meat.  So you know what my meals will consist of on Friday and into the future.  

Friday will be dark turkey with sweet potatoes and veggies.  But there's the makin's of turkey soup too and the broth can be frozen for later.

Happy eve of Thanksgiving everyone.



  1. Happy thanksgiving eve to you also it is good to get those beautiful rug out where you can see them.

  2. You do have a great rug stash and they look very nice rolled up in that old tub. It makes your living room warm and welcoming... I have all my rugs spread out on a King size bed in the spare bedroom. I like to look at them once in a while and wonder how many hoops I pulled, not counting the reverse hooking.

    I'd rather take dark turkey meat and the bones then the white meat any day. Turkey soup is perfect on cold days. Enjoy your time with family.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Saundra!! I am glad that I have inspired you to get out some of your wonderful rugs so they can be enjoyed. That copper kettle is perfect!! I loved seeing your rugs hanging. I need to put the E.S. Frost rug on my to do list, I have loved that rug and seeing yours makes me want to hook it!!

  4. I hate dark meat myself, so I give the kids the dark to make soup with.
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.


  5. Brilliant idea to display your rolled rugs in the old boiler - it is perfect for them! So glad Cammie inspired you to set them all out for us to see!

  6. I'm in love with the rug hanging over the love seat. What is it??????


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