Sunday, August 16, 2015

Computer was DOA

Yes, sad but true that the PC died on the way home from Best Buy yesterday. Went back today to see why it was acting so weird after the Geek had no issue on his table yesterday and decided the problem was the monitor. Today there was the same continuing issue of attempting to start up but shutting down within seconds. They even cleaned the dust from inside, reseated the motherboard, and a few other things. Nope, DOA.

So, the new one will arrive Tuesday, OMG and has Windows 10 and a completely new computer system and layout to get familiar with. As I'm NOT computer savvy lets just say I'll be out of my element and stressed all week.

Plus the fact that I was LATE in doing an external download of a lot of my documents. Yes There are some saved on flash drives but should have been more thoughtful of losing data and saved. Oh well, water under the bridge.

On a happier note ....on rug hooking, my mole came thru with flying colors (thanks Jo), since this is only my second post from iPad I'll keep it simple and just post the Domestic Zoo pictures. These were being hooked in Jayne Hester's class and know one of the hookers is Marketta but not sure which one she is hooking for sure.

Must say whoever adapted the pattern to draw raccoons and animals seen in their yard is awesome and the hooker did a magnificent job as well. Me thinks...Thats what Marketta was hooking but please clarify if I'm wrong.

My hope is that one day I'll take a class with Jayne Hester. Have a good evening everyone, Ilm all computered out.

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  1. For $55 a year you can use Carbonite to automatically back up all of your documents and pictures. It saved me when my pc went down. It's all saved in "the cloud".

  2. I hate when I have to get a new computer, I loved my old one but it was on the fritz and i cannot keep restarting it, so had to get a new one. I use mac and not really happy with how they try to improve things but only make it worse, keep it simple, make it fast and good graphics, that is all I need;)


  3. Let me know how you like Windows 10 as we so far have not upgraded. I hate learning new stuff, as I haven't learned all there is to Windows 7--not computer smart.

  4. With new gear, the posts will be flying from you fast and furious!

  5. You'll have that new computer under control in no time. Did you know that your data can be retrieved with a Data Recovery software. Someone who knows about computer can recover your data from broken computer. I saw a video about how they do it. The best way to destroy your hard drive is by hammering it to death.

    I hope that you enjoy your new computer.


  6. Hi Saundra,
    So sorry for your stress!! I am not a big fan of all the technical things so I would feel the very same way!!! So grateful I have a smart hubby who can always figure things out!! I would be lost without his help!!!
    Love those pictures of the rugs too!!
    Hope you have a better day tomorrow!!
    Warm Hugs~

  7. You will love your new computer.
    Hope your "learning curve" is fast and furious !!!!

  8. In reference to the Domestic Zoo picture, Marketa Anderson is hooking the top rug. She drew some of the animals she adapted & Bill Laraway (Jayne Hester's husband) drew the raccoon. Anne Hazelwood is hooking the bottom rug in wonderful soft muted colors. Was interesting to see 2 of the same rugs being hooked in a retreat class.

  9. We stopped in Jayne's class on Wednesday and those gals were hooking some great rugs! Made me wish I'd taken it! Silly me!


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