Friday, August 7, 2015

The Itch I Had To Scratch

Remember when I commented there was a pattern I was itching to hook?  Well, even tho I am still working on patterns I wanted some play time for moi to take care of that itch.  Yup.... still have the second black kitten mat to finish too but had to put Hester on the frame.
I enlarged this to about 13 x 18 and didn't sew the binding on first until I know what technique I'll use to bind or maybe enlarge the background a little.  If enlarged then I'd sew on a piece of fabric around the perimeter so the design would fit on my frame okay.

As far as background color??????  I don't know yet ~ I'll worry about that later.  My go to background is usually primitive black but this gorgeous Hester cat IS black so that's out.

In case you missed the info posted previously, Hester is a free design in the latest issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects and is the design of Lori Brechlin.

I still have another pattern to draw but it is late in the evening, dishes to do so think I'll play for the rest of the evening.

OH!!!!!  Any of my followers going to Sauder next week?  My friend Evelyn Lawrence is doing a class using an adaptation of an antique rug which has a face as the subject.  The class is to let people hook a family member or friend in place of the antique rug's face.  Evelyn has hooked at least one sample of a subject and would love to see her rug as well as students' adaptations. 

No, this year I didn't a sample to send her as I did last year with the Harriet Powers class so you won't see mine hanging upside down this year.  If any of you are going to Sauder next week I'd love for you to pop in her class during lunch or whatever, take a picture and send to me.  I asked Evelyn to do it and she said something like..."since I had my entourage to take pictures for me she didn't have to".

I'm envious of you going to Sauder but in September I'll be at Cape May.

Have a great weekend everyone.



  1. Hi Saundra,
    Thanks for making me smile!!! Love your sense of humor!!! Chuckle, chuckle!
    LOVE Hester too!! Can't wait to see what you do with her!!! I know it will be fabulous!!
    So sad to think that I once lived very near to Sauder but at that time knew NOTHING about rug hooking!!! If only I had known!!!!!
    Take care and have a great weekend hooking!!
    Thanks too for your sweet comments about my Update!! So glad you stopped in for a visit!!
    Warm Hugs~

  2. I'm glad you finally got that itch taken cared of. Hester looks like she so glad you are finally paying attention to her. Halloween won't be too far away. I came in from outside and it's already dark shortly after 9:00pm.

    Visiting Sauder would be wonderful.

    Good night and sweet dreams.

  3. Back to reality tomorrow and hopefully I will have time to pick up the hook soon!!!
    I will be at Sauder on Friday - just for the day. I'll try to stop in Evelyn's class.
    Hugs :)

  4. Yes, I am headed to Sauder on Monday, (Yippeee!!) for a class with Jayne Hester. One of my hooking buddies will be in Evelyn's will try to get you some pictures. Hopefully we can step away from our frames, put down our hooks & do that for you! Did I mention I am excited about going?? Wish you were coming so we could meet!

  5. I still need to get that hook out. It has been hot but now it seems to be cooling off.


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