Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sensory Overload and Hester

I've been frazzled ever since last Friday when everything began to blow up with my computer, out of printer ink, two trips to Best Buy and spending money like I had some.

But thank goodness at least I'm able to type with two hands on a keyboard..... during my work life, I was an admin assistant to corporate presidents and corporate lawyer so this two fingered tapping isn't for me.  It is nice to post a comment on my new Windows 10 PC even tho I still don't have it mastered....far from that.

Well we can totally forget about my posting a picture of Hester because even tho I went thru all the motions, cropped the picture with the Paint program on the new !#N#& computer, I cannot get it to download in this post and then couldn't exit from that page.  So I think it is time to get off this machine, feed my boy who is exhausted after his vet visit and I'll sit and hook to soothe my frustration and reduce my blood pressure.  So now you know how my introduction of a new operating system is going.

Have a good evening.



  1. I think I will just pass on windows 10 if I can.

  2. I'm a two finger typist and maybe I should get an iPad, hehe.

    Window 10 must be quite a change. I work on a Apple MacBook Pro and I don't know anything about other computers. I'm sure you'll have it figured out soon enough. Looking forward to seeing Hester.

    In the mean time I have some hooping to do.


  3. it is hard with computer issues husband and I are sharing my computer not easy


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