Monday, August 24, 2015

Hester, How Art Thou?

Just like my boy Ben, Hester is feeling a little neglected. What with the computer crash, lost files and trying to learn new Windows 10, drawing patterns ~ well you get the picture.  Here's Hester now.  I'm hooking in mostly #8.5 and this piece is measuring 14 x 18 hooked and don't know what it measured before hooking.  

The background is wool I overdyed eons ago before I'd learned the lesson of 'textures' by Barb Carroll.
Yes, Lauren, I know what you're thinking....."what am I going to hook next?"  I haven't a clue but when relaxing and pulling a couple loops ask myself that same question.  

But before having fun hooking I've several HUGE Polly patterns to draw for someone.  Plus in the very near future there is Cape May Rug Camp and I'm not even close to ready for that.  

Lori, if you read my blog want you to know that I adore this pattern! Thank you for making it available to us in Primitive Quilts and Projects.

Have a good evening everyone and hope you are having a stress free day/evening.  Soon I hope to be at that place too.



  1. From the look of it, you have won the battle of window 10... Hester looks quite the happy Halloween cat.

  2. Hester is happy to be brought to life by your hands & hook my friend ~ great job & glad you enjoyed her!

  3. Hester looks like tremendous fun and is "ready" for the season !

  4. J'adore Hester and the background is wonderful, even if before textures. I envy all you are getting done.
    Hugs :)


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