Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Contemplating a Design

Sometimes I am like a dog with a bone who can't let go of it.  Since posting this in-progress rug design (Moses and Moe) by Glenna Bailey of Wully Ram Studio my brain has been working overtime.  At first I was going to order this pattern then remembered my grandfather had a miniature donkey and I had a picture of that.  Plus, I had a horse as a teen and remembered pictures of me and my brother on the horse named Richie.
I only searched thru one old photo album and found these, which I scanned together, but there could be more photos.  L to R is me as a teen, my 5 year younger brother (Joey), and pop-pop.
I showed Moses and Moe, my photos to friend Evelyn and told her of my plans.  She suggested I remove myself from the horse and hook him rearing up and hook a barn wood background, that way it could be hooked in all neutrals.  Problem is that photo is very blurry and cannot get the detail of Richie's face.  Yeah, I know, it will be primitive anyway, right?  The photo with my brother is more clear but less action going on.  The photo with pop-pop has possibilities too. 

Then I took the photo with me and cropped off the car and you can see how blurry the photo is.
So, guess I'll continue to think, plan and look for the perfect picture.  Evelyn did tell me I was "persnickety".  I wrote back saying, "Moi? persnickety?"  And she said yes because she's heard me and knows I've pulled out loops and rehooked.  But this is a project for the future as there are plans for Cape May so it is still on the burner simmering.

Wonder if my blog pals are giving Evelyn lots of entertainment and hope my mole is going to come thru with photos.  Her identity isn't even known to me so think she is safe, lol.  I'm envious of you folks at Sauder and bet you are have a fabulous time.



  1. Persnickety........bahahaha. Not you ;)

  2. Where's your cowgirl hat and you gun. You look like a blurry Annie Oakley on that rearing horse. You look quite at ease on that stallion. OMG to be that young again.

    You persnickety? Maybe a tad...

    I think that you really got inspired by this Moses and Moe rug. I'm sure you'll find a way to do this. Once the idea has bitten you, you don't give up easy.

    I'll be waiting for this one to be born.
    Hugs my persnickety friend.

  3. I think that would be a great photo to use in a prim rug with the horse and your expressions, you could have fun with that. I print out the photo and then use a think black marker to outline the fuzzy or faded detail, then you can see better, what is going on.


  4. Will be interesting to see what you come up with. Is a great picture even if a tad fuzzy.

  5. with your talent you will do an amazing job I am sure,

  6. Testing to see if I can post a comment since Lauren had a problem.


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