Thursday, August 13, 2015

It's Show Time

Yup, when in doubt on what to post, do a rug show.  Actually soon many hookers will be posting lots of newly hooked rugs from the Sauder show so the boards will be buzzing for sure.

This rug is very easy on my eyes and could almost be hypnotic; nice color combination.
Below is a Shaker knitted mat and while it is knitted could easily be hooked and would make for an easier hit and miss.  Well, at least I find hit and miss not so easy to do but think this one is very doable and might try it during the winter when nothing else is ready for the frame.
The hands rug below was listed as from Maine, 1888.
The abstract below was stated as being a rug hooked mid 20th century after Joan Miro Spain, France 1893-1983.
The birds, floral with hit and miss was hooked around 1860 using wool, cotton and silk on linen and sold for $11,500 so it must still have been in good shape.  You notice it was not hooked on burlap so that may have helped in the longevity.
All I know about this below is that its an early shirred rug.  Quite a beauty too and for the intricate edge think it is in dang good shape.  For sure I wouldn't want to bind that edge. 
This is a polychrome and pictorial American hooked rug 19th-20th Century. Perhaps otherwise known as a 'memory' rug.
I can fall in love with the most simplistic pieces.  Here is a boy walking his dog in the winter moonlight.  I love it!!!!!!
Okay, there's only 8 rugs here but give me a break as I really want to get back hooking and finish the Black Kitten to move on to Hester.  Isn't that boy and dog cute?  Hey you out there..... if any of you decide to hook it please let me know as there may be a challenge taken on and we can duke it out.

Have a great night, I'm envious of all you Sauder students, hope my mole's identity is not blown, lol (Evelyn won't care she will play with it anyway), and Lauren girl ....have fun tomorrow.  Hugs.

Sleep well my dearies.



  1. Great rugs, I like the circle rug and the birds, those would be fun to do.


  2. My favorite is the abstract rug.
    Thanks for the rug show.
    I'm falling asleep.
    Good night.

  3. I must agree, the boy with dog is charming. And I love the colors in the first rug. Thanks for the gallery walk.

  4. Thanks for the inspiration !
    My fav is the hand rug ;)


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