Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Cat is Back and Mystery Solved

Had fun pulling a few loops on Hester to get that out of my system but really do need to finish the mat for my friend so it is back on the frame.  This is a small piece so could easily be done tomorrow if I'd just hook and not stop to watch what's happening on the TV.  Goes to show I can't chew gum and pat my head at the same time.  Here's the cat mat now.
And the mystery hooker of the piece below has been identified thanks to a couple followers....thanks gals.  The designer and hooker is Glenna Bailey and she has Wully Ram Studios.  She named this design Moses and Moe.  She doesn't have a web site but if you would like to contact her you may reach her HERE.
Drew another pattern today so tomorrow is shipping day for a few items.  Hope you weekend was wonderful and for some it is back to the salt  mine and for others it will be check travel and check in at Sauder.

Speaking of Sauder... for those of you who know me or Evelyn we have this playful banter that has been ongoing for many years.  I sent her a link to the blog post where I mentioned 'having my entourage take pictures of the rugs in her class'.  She said, "I think they give us DO NOT ENTER signs.  To that I responded, "That's okay I've got a mole inside". 

So Jo, don't know if your friend reads my blog but you may to let her know the inside joke. I tried to write you personally buy you are a NO-REPLY blogger so couldn't send.  Well, I could type it and send it but you wouldn't get it....would go to a dead letter box somewhere in cyberland.

Hope your day tomorrow is great and I'm envious of all you Sauder participants.



  1. I'm glad you found the designer and author of that interesting rug.You have a network of savvy hookers, entourage and now a mole. That's more than I can say for myself.

    Good job on the kitty rug. It's looking great as always.

    I took part of the day off today and slept in after my morning work till 11:39 am. I guess I was tired. I didn't go to church or to breakfast with our group of friends. I hope you approve...hehe.

  2. What about the other rug of the man plowing with the mule? Is it the same designer?

  3. Glenda, I just tried to write to you personally but you are a NO-REPLY BLOGGER and wouldn't receive an email if I sent it. And, since you didn't check back on yesterday's post to read the update you probably won't read this message either.

    People, I've posted about no reply bloggers before. You may not think you are one but many are.

  4. Little Kitty #2 is just as wonderful as Little Kitty #1 and soon that will be done, too. You are just a hooking machine!!!
    I am thankful I get to go to Sauder for the day but am envious of those who get to take a class.
    Ugh. Back to 7 days of work sitting on my desk and it's also payroll week. Not going to be pleasant...sigh.
    Hugs :)

  5. I love the way you hook your antique backgrounds. I've yet to master that technique.

  6. The mole will be in touch!! I'll work on that "no-reply" when I return home from my Sauder week!

  7. Ok, think it is fixed now!!

  8. Love the background of your kitty rug !
    Moses and Moe is an incredible rug.
    Wow, the expression on the mans face is so real !

  9. Hi Saundra,
    You know I love your kitty rugs and number 2 is just wonderful!! Your friends will love it!!!
    So happy you solved the mystery!! That rug is so amazing!!! So much talent out there!!!
    Enjoy your week!
    Warm Hugs~


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