Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I'm Whaling Today

Yes, I'm a busy girl working with the whales today.  Polly contacted me to draw out a couple patterns for someone.  Naturally I was very pleased to do so since I'm her 'authorized' pattern artist and have been drawing for her for the last 14 years.   Polly has retired....well, she comes out of retirement on a rare occasion to do a Semper Fi fund raiser.  But people still want her patterns and so she has asked me to draw them for her.  One of the patterns I'm drawing is the Whale Game Board.
The second pattern going to the same person is Moby Dick.  Gee, I wonder which she will hook first?
And so I've another linen to prepare for the second drawing so better get busy. 

Have a great evening everyone.  Hope your evening goes....swimmingly, tee hee.



  1. It was a Polly Minnick rug hooking book that I picked up in my local quilt shop that started me down my hooking hobby. Little did I know that the love of wool would start to overtake my love of cotton.

  2. Two great patterns...ugh, how I hate drawing patterns for someone else...mine are always a mess for myself...sort of like the idea of a pattern...

  3. Great patterns to do, always love nautical themes.


  4. I just love Moby Dick. I hooked a smallish version I gave to my brother's DSO. I'd like to hook one for myself. Too many patterns...too little time.
    I sure am missing my hook.
    Hugs :)

  5. The Moby Dick is my favorite. Such a classic.


  6. Those are great patterns. Its so hot and sticky here I would like to take a swim with that whale :)


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