Saturday, August 29, 2015

My Next Hooking Project and Wool Samples

Finally decided what to put on my frame next...... Hobo Joe by Lucille Festa.  For years I've had this design, fell in love with it in her class where Lucille had that door hanger and others for sale.  My pal Deb bought the one you see in two posts down and I just HAD to buy the pattern.  The pattern is designed and drawn to be a cut-out but I decided mine will be a mat.  There was plenty of foundation to hook it as a cut out but needed to sew on some cotton around the edge so that I could do the mat.  
I doubt that I'll hook the piece as large as its drawn but wanted to guesstimate the space and will have a better idea how big once it gets going.  Maybe, just maybe I'll give this handsome fella a chest too. After all he does have on a bow tie and top hat so stands to reason he needs the rest of his finery.   

Yesterday the wool samples came from Heavens to Betsy and you'll see some scribbled notes along side.  Trust me when I say there is NO ROOM for wool here other than the floor.  So I'd better hook til I drop and use it up a little faster.  Summer grass cutting has really taken a bite out of my 'fun' time.
If you don't already get Betsy's flyer 4 times per year, please contact her to be put on her mailing list.  Even if it costs $5 to get these flyers that still doesn't quite cover the cost of her mailing these to you each year.  Besides, the wool looks much different when you get the washed samples than it does on her web site.  Heck, we know how much difference there is in the photos we take of our rugs to post vs. in person.  

Have a great weekend everyone.



  1. That is a fun piece to do, I need to do some small pieces.


  2. Even with grass cutting, you have been hooking up a storm! This one won't take you long :)

  3. You certainly can't stay away from hooking for very long can you! Definitely an addiction to wool fibres. Great wool samples.

    I just cut my lawn a few days ago and since it rained it needs cutting again.
    Time for my med.


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