Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Old Rugs to Show and Tomorrow for me

It will be so nice to go back to what my 'normal' used to be.  The last two weeks has really stressed me out and think I've had a headache for that long too. No, I don't take anything but .81 mg of aspirin as my drug of choice is wine which I'm drinking right now after a hard day.

Since there is no more to show you on Hester (been drawing out patterns and master paper patterns) so think it is time of a vintage rug show.  Maybe some of these have even been seen before before but they are always a joy to look at.

Okay, I've reached my level of stress for today.  Since trying to post from 7:30 til now just to post just this one photo I'm calling it quits.  At least this one showed up after many tries.  Some tries were Internet Explorer and other on Windows 10 so not sure which is the culprit and not playing nice.  That's yet another hurdle to scale.
Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.  Can you tell moi is totally stressed out?  Tomorrow I'm having my 'roots did' and hairs cut so really need this pampering time.  Believe me when I say people who see me will appreciate that effort.

Hope you have a good evening and tomorrow.



  1. Oh poor Saundra. IWell at least you got one picture in. Isn't there someone out there who can help you out straighten this mess up? Darn Window 10....

    I just looked on line and Amazon has Window 10 for Dummies. No insults intended here... I'm as dumb as they come...

    Getting yourself all prettied up will be good for you. I could us some polishing up too. I just haven't prettied myself up for so long. It's been a long day for me too.I 'm just sitting down now.

    Today dehydrated some Roma tomatoes and also roasted tomatoes.
    Tomorrow I have beets and Jalapeno peppers to process.


  2. Lol!!!! I have had one haircut in a year and my hair hasn't been this long in decades. I so need a new do. Old ladies with long hair just aren't cool.
    My drug of choice is wine, too. We sure are kindred spirits.
    Hugs :)

  3. I am hoping things are not so stressful for you.
    I always like a nice glass of wine when I get all stressed

  4. Maybe you had too much "medication" before you tried to post the photos........LOL


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