Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What Does It Take To Call It Fun?

This isn't the original title I'd given my post but while walking Ben thought about what my post was really about and changed the title.  For me here are the items which would determine if I was having fun hooking or not:

Style/Subject ~ Definitely Primitive hooking for me.  I most favor antique adaptations since that is what pulled me into the hooking bug.  But sometimes whimsy wins out.  One day I want to do a landscape and a memory rug but those will need to meet the following criteria with maybe the occasional exception.

Wool strip size ~ for me it would be nothing less than #8 and preferably #8.5 & #9.  Yes I've hooked ONE rug with #3 for my departed Rotties but no more narrow cuts unless it is the center of an eye or center of a flower.

Wool color ~ I prefer earthy and olde colors.  Not particularly fond of bright colors although I did hook Ali Katz in bright for a specific purpose and that was fun.  PLUS, it was hooked in wide cuts so that helped.  Not fond of flat colors anymore either, but use them on occasion as I've a fondness for textures as that lends itself to primitive old rugs.

New on the Frame ~  AH.... now that is the one that has me now.  Don't ask if I'm having fun yet....'cuz I'm not.  As much as I enjoy the subject matter and antique adaptation this isn't new on the frame.  It is the second time hooking this design, one right after the other.  Yes, it is for a friend so I'm a bad girl for saying I'm not having fun.  Since just finishing one am itching to start something new.  Here is what the second Black Kitten Mat looks like as of this moment.
This a shot of the one I just finished with Betsy Reed's primitive binding compared to the one  in progress which will have a traditional cotton rug binding.
Now back to that fun part ~  I'm itching to put something new on my frame to hook before going to Cape may.  A few months ago that something was to hook Lucille Festa's Hobo Joe, below.
But, as you know I've become enamored with Hester, a free design in Primitive Quilts and Projects, which is a design by Lori Brechlin of NotForgotten Farm
Not sure about you other rug hookers but my excitement level can bee fickle and flit from one design to another in a flash ~ just as with Hobo Joe and Hester.  But, who knows, since these are small maybe I'll be able to hook them both before I leave for Cape May in September.

In other news..... I just noticed this will me my 1002 posting.  Dang, for a long time I watched the numbers to make that 1000 announcement but I missed it.  Well, that's me... a day late and dollar (or two) short.

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. Great post!!!
    You sure are hooking black kitty #2 in a big hurry. Lookin' good.
    Hugs :)

  2. Your description sounds like me. In my crafting days I hated making things more than once, so I never took special orders. I've never hooked anything less than a #8, maybe someday, but when I watch other hooking #3's I get the shivers.

  3. I can only speak for myself when I say that for me hooking has to be fun otherwise, why do it.

    I learned on narrow cut and my preferred cut is a #5. I was born with the gift of patience and I love details. Heck, I had to wait for 9 months to be born... I like muted colors but I sometime use some bright colors on something like flowers...

    When I start a new rug, I get anxious to start even before I have all my colors ready as I choose my colors as I go.

    Even though I love details, the most enjoyable and easy rug I made was a hit and miss straight hooking with left over wool worms.

    I appreciate primitive rugs but I'm more into the realistic look for my house.

    Hook on Saundra.


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