Saturday, August 15, 2015

Held hostage by my Computer

I'm so frustrated that I almost didn't take this time to try and post on my iPad and have failure here too. So if this gets published you'll at least know At least I have a heartbeat while my computer may not.

Took the computer to Best Buy Geek Squad and told them the monitor went grey, and had no start button icon or error messages...nada. I shut the computer down thinking/hoping when I turned it on again all would be good with the world. HA! Not so lucky. So didn't know if the problem was my computer or the monitor.

Geek plugged in my tower and my icons came up so there was a pulse there. He checked a couple things out (sadly I didn't take the old monitor) and said he didn't see any problems with the computer. I purchased a new monitor and since this scared me decided to FINALLY buy an external hard drive, a 1T.

Brought the computer in, connected all the wires as well as the new monitor. Turned on the PC and within 3 seconds and without even a full boot it shuts itself off. A second later it tried to start up again and failed.

I called Geek Squad and talked to the guy who helped me. He couldn't understand what may have happened in that 30 minute ride while my computer was Sitting in the seat secured with a seatbelt. So tomorrow I'm taking everything back to Best Buy and have them figure out what the problem is. Sure hope I haven't lost everything anyway, and sure hope I don't have to purchase a new computer.

Well let's see if I can successfully publish this and I'm going to sit and hook to get my Blood pressure back to normal.

Here is a picture from a section of my Magdalena Farm rug. Hope your last couple days has gone better than mine.


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  1. Woohoo, iPad post!! That sounds very strange about your computer. Could it be a bad cable wire?

  2. there is nothing that is more frustrating than computer issues but your hooking as always is beautiful.

  3. Well, I can post a comment from my iPad but still not from my desktop. Strange.

  4. I hate dealing with computers that know more than I do. Luckily I found a great guy who has his own little shop and has saved me tons of money. I have yet to master my tablet or smartphone yet.

  5. When we have computer issues, the repair technician comes to our house and it's usually fixed within minutes.

    I wonder what it could be. Did you checked your electrical connection at home? Do you use your computer around where you hook. If so, there may be a problem with your computer fan being full of wool lint. If a computer heats up because there's too much dust on the fan, it will shut itself down.

    A good thing you have a rug on the frame to save your sanity. Now, that one darn good reason to hook rugs, "to keep our sanity"

    Good luck with getting the computer working again...

  6. Hope you "tech" problems resolve quickly. It's no fun when they act up, these fancy machines!
    Love the bit of Magdalena Farm...wonderful!

  7. Computer are a wonderful tool but when they don't work it's the pits. Hope it's nothing serious. At least you have the IPad as a back up, The post did fine. Love the Magdalena rug.


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