Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mini-Rug Show

As I was busy today didn't get many loops pulled but the Polly patterns were shipped so that is good.  Since there's nothing new worthy of sharing thought I'd treat you to a couple antique rugs and two newer ones.

An oval with penny circles in the center, blooms in the corners and hit and miss background.
Hexagons and Diamonds.
An oval with hit and miss free form in center. 

A farm and family rug which looks like embroidery but think it is hooked in directional  style hooking.  Almost reminds me of a Granny Donaldson design.  Nice rug but oh my that directional hooking would drive me crazy from boredom I think.  So I'd have to hook it in the outline and fill. 
Okay, now to what has been making me salivate like Pavlov's dogs. The next two rugs are what I WISH I could achieve. Below is a picture Ali Strebel posted a while back on her blog.  I've just written her inquiring who hooked it and was there a pattern. 

Okay, heard from Ali, the rug is a design by Anne Wallace from a photo of her grandfather.  OMG, is that a wonderful piece of history and family heirloom or what?  Anne, fantastic piece of folk art!!!!  I'm envious of your talent.
And would you take a look at this!!!!!  It appears to be a work in progress and I adore it, wish I owned it.  No, ....wish I could achieve this look and then I WOULD own it.  Incredible!!  I'm envious!  This was found on Pinterest with no name, sorry.  I'd definitely give credit to whomever it is doing this beautiful work.
So if anyone knows who is hooking this rug, please let me know .  Have a great evening everyone.



  1. Thanks for the eye candy. I love that mule rug. Love her dark and dirty colors.

  2. Yes, I love the last two pieces too and I always love folk art with items out of proportion. I need to find a way to get things done and have more time for me.


  3. thanks for sharing...New or old they are inspiring rugs...

  4. I also the rug with the man plowing with the mule. I love it. I was also wondering if there was a pattern. As a child I remember watching my uncle plow with a mule. Please share any info you find on the rug.

  5. Two beautiful rugs. Thanks for the rug show.
    I got about 20 minutes of hooking last night but nothing as interesting as the lst rug.

    1. that's supposed to be "nothing as interesting as the last rug"

  6. This work is by Glenna Bailey. I have many of her patterns. Her business is called Wully Ram Studio. She lives in Excelsior Springs MI (I think).....her email is Please tell her Cindy sent you. This is a series of rug designs, I think there are 4 of them. She is also working on a new line. A wonderful lady.



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