Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Are you Seeing Double??

Is something happening to your eyes? Do you see double images? That's because you are.  
In a recent post, out of the blue, realized the Orioles motif was way off kilter.  That meant re-drawing the image in another color and I chose red.  Can you imagine hooking that b**ch while seeing double?  Believe me when I say it was ...slooow going.
Most of my concentration has been on the Oriole but here is what my grandson's Favorite Sports Rug looks like now.  At least it has been started and still have 8 months until the December "C" word a friend of mine has requested I not say. 
As you can see there is a long way to go.  Next I'll finish the checkered flag then move to the 6th flag to the right.  Remember....hook what is on top first.  Otherwise, if you were to hook the flag on the bottom it would distort the shape of hooking the one on top later.  

There are no rules in rug hooking, only guidelines.  However, there are certain tried and true techniques which work best.  I've been fortunate to have learned from various teachers but also learn from experience on my own from mistakes and tweaking.  Heck, you saw a huge lesson in this rug where my first drawing was WAY OFF.    

Have a great evening.



  1. Love how it is coming out and i know how much a pain it is to hook on redrawn designs.


  2. You're on a roll and I appreciate you not using the "C" word.
    Hugs :)

  3. Saundra,,, looking great!! Love the logo! Perfect,,,, happy end of april to you,,,, enjoy ur blog,,,,

  4. It already looks great! what a great C gift

  5. Haha I agree with Lauren, too soon for the C word. But I woke up to see a little S on the ground this morning. Grrrr. Well, the rug looks great. I don't know how you managed to hook it with all those lines. I was getting dizzy

  6. Poor you, my eyes are dizzy looking at the different lines. Lol!


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