Friday, April 8, 2016

How Long Does it Take to Plan a Rug?

Perhaps longer than it took me yet it seemed I'd worked it out numerous times on the blog to share.  Now wondering if it was premature to draw out my grandson's rug.  Did all the proper steps and research done. Motifs were enlarged thru my Paint program in different sizes.  Actually there were lots of options for motifs which were whittled down to 'keep it simple'.

Finally my decision was made and the pattern drawn out.
And then I saw a race car checkered flag which had 6 rows down and 10 rows across.  Say what????  The one I drew is 6 rows down but appears to be at least 15 or columns across.  Yeah, I got this drawing off the computer from a 'copyright free' site.  

So IF I'd known that earlier could have made smaller flags and enlarged the Redskins and Orioles logos.  Hooking the design as it is will require me to use some #8 or smaller in the Redskins logo and no less than #8 in the Orioles logo.  But there is a lot of background.  

Okay, I'm working this process out thru my blogger friends and writing about it might help me and of course feedback is always welcome.   Sooooo, IF I were to pull out the black and white that I've hooked so far (!*%$(@!~) and clean up the ends of each side of the flag, then I could do larger Redskins and Orioles logos.

BUT..... would also require that I flip the linen over and re-draw the whole damn thing again.  YES, I know that would make me happier to have a really nice rug design and YES it is taking huge steps backward.  

So now I've nothing to bind or to hook tonight (so much for binding my Sheep rug).  I'll remove the hooked wool from my grandson's rug and sulk.  Will also see what it is like to sit with nothing to do except catch up on recorded shows. 



  1. I don't think it matters how many rows there are on the checkered flag as they are all different sizes on the web. Your grandson might be able to help you more with this.
    It's a great time to have a nice glass of win and read a good book.

  2. Well I have been following you for a couple of years now and one thing I have learned is , If you ain't happy with something it ain't going to get better. I know the rug will be great either way you hook it. Enjoy your eventing!

  3. Can you enlarge the flag squares to fit the amount of blocks? Think that would be easier. Always good to stop and think about it before you get too far and then regret it, I know you will decide by what is best for you and that is what counts.


  4. flip it over and redraw know you want to!

  5. It looks great to me , so far,,,, but,,, if u are not happy,,, better change it before u get any further!

  6. You are a woman of great patience and perseverance......and I suspect you won't be happy till it is redone ;-)

  7. Who are you kidding? You know you're gonna redraw it Ms. Perfectionist! Have a glass of wine and think about it. Or a bottle, whatever it takes 😉


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