Friday, April 29, 2016

Labeling Rugs

My labels don't get printed out until I have a full page to print. One of the rugs was finished in 2015 but didn't want to waste a sheet of printable fabric with just one label.  Having printed the labels out figured it was time to start stitching them on my rugs.  

First one stitched was the Spring Challenge designed by sweet Kelley Belfast and hosted by the Out of Hand Rug Hookers group.  Since the deadline for this challenge is May 1st wanted to be certain all was accomplished.  The finished size of the rug measures 19" x 24".
For those wondering..... Most of the rug was hooked with #8.5 strips. But some narrow worms were used and for the proddy daffodils the size varied from #8 to #9.5.  Below is the label which shows the original design by sweet Kelley Belfast.  Thought the line drawing would be a nice documentation to have on the label attached.
Next to have a label was A Day in the Country, a design by Tonya Robey of Mad Hen.  It was a kit purchased a few years ago and finally hooked in November/December 2015.
The label attached has a copy of the sample rug Tonya hooked. Since I took liberties with a couple flowers thought it best to show the original hooked piece by Tonya on the back.
Next in line for a label was Flag Day Sheep.  Again I took liberties and changed it to look a little more like a design which Woolley Fox carries called Woolley Sheep.
It was only fitting that the label to the back be how the original Flag Day Sheep design looked like on the web site.
Another rug recently hooked and needing a label is Rainbow Cabin, a design by Carol Endress and offered by Woolley Fox.
This one still needs to be stitched but is just pinned in place.  The label shows a photo of the design hooked by Barb Carroll.  I've seen her hooked version in person and the photo retrieved from the web site is showing up far brighter than it really is.  
Although I've posted how to do these labels on my blog before, if you're new or wish to revisit the how to... click HERE.

For those working folk... TGIF... oh but I remember that well.  It is still rainy, dreary and after all this rain the grass will be be in dire need of cutting.  But meanwhile I'll keep on going on.


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  1. I love the idea of labelling rugs. But I don't do it. Lol. Don't mention mowing the lawn, it will soon be time to do that here. Ughh, not my favorite thing


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