Monday, April 4, 2016

Guess What Time It Is....

Nope it isn't Howdy Doody Time.  Are any of you readers old enough to remember Howdy Doody or Buffalo Bob?  Anway, .... it is rug show time.
Below is an antique rug I've wanted to hook for a very long time.  There is a chicken under the horse, dogs, and colorful border of various flora.
A very primitive and naive black dog with spots and pinwheels hooked on the inside border.  Sorry but don't know the provenance of this old rug.
A Fish swimming up river below just might not be an antique but is wonderful.  The edges of the rug are well preserved and the shells in the corners are too precise to be an old hooked rug but is still wonderful.  
What is old is the Scotty Dogs playing rug below.  
Speaking of dogs...a dog Ben.  

He is a big beautiful and powerful Rottweiler.  He is friendly with people, with other animals (okay exclude squirrels and cats who enter his yard and moving wheels).

Ben will often lay in a submissive position which he knows melts my heart. Therefore I see the underbelly quite often and noticed a recent change with a spot.  At first it appeared as a bald flat spot forever..until it changed.
Today I took Ben to the vet.  The vet said it did NOT look like a lipoma, a sebaceous cyst, a wart or mole.  He said it didn't look like anything he has seen.

Even before I told the vet my thoughts he suggested that Ben have the spot removed and sent to the lab.  Of course I totally agreed because if that was on my body I would ask my dermatologist remove it regardless.  This is my companion and need to keep him healthy to be with me as long as possible.   Ben goes to the vet next Tuesday.

Hope you have a good evening.  I'm still unsettled since nothing much was accomplished today.  Plus am worried about my boy and he's still trying to calm down after a vet visit.  Hey...who likes to go to the doctor???? Surely not a dog when they also get their nails clipped, belly checked, anals expresssed, etc.  Oh, and muzzled..... that will be a topic for tomorrow.

Too tired here so think (hope) I'll sleep well tonight.



  1. Whatever Ben has, I hope it's benign and nothing to worry about... There's always something to be concerned about with our beloved pets. That horse and chicken rug looks almost like it was punched hooked. I know nothing about antique rugs.Hugs,

  2. Oh i hope Ben is ok. I always love your rug shows

  3. I have a had dogs with growths, usually they are just growths, so hoping Ben's is something like that. Love the rug show, the first two are my favorites.


  4. I was going to say "Howdy Doody Time"!
    Hopefully all will be okay with Ben. I will surely keep him in my puppy prayers.
    Hugs to you and Ben,

  5. HI Saundra,
    I always love your rug shows and continue to be amazed at the talents of so many wonderful rug hookers!!!
    I'm so sorry you are worried about Ben and hope you can just trust that all will be well and get some good sleep!!! Will say a prayer for you both!!
    Warm Hugs to you and Ben,

  6. Enjoy the rug show ,, thanks,,,, hope ur ben ok,,,,
    We do get attached to our pet!! Take care,,, enjoy ur blogs,,,

  7. Prayers for Ben and you. And yes, remember Howdy, Clarabell and Phineas T.! Good memories.

  8. I hope everything works out ok for Ben. Yep I remember Howdy and Bob..

  9. nice rug show..the one with the pinwheel border has me wishes for Ben...our furry friends make the world a better place every day...

  10. Oh Saundra, sending good wishes and prayers that Ben just has a dumb little doot that means nothing. I know how you feel.



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