Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Show of Rugs

As I've not started hooking my grandson's project yet and not quite done hooking the cat mat figured my followers needed a little eye candy this Thursday evening.
An equestrian running for the roses.
The Before and After rug may have been posted before.  It was  hooked by Barbara Merry of Maine and must depict the before marriage and after.  Or could be youth and senior.
Always popular is a cat rug, right Kelley?  Well here are a couple more for your enjoyment.

The rug above must have been the inspiration for Karen Kahle's design. Provenance of this was to be early 20th century New England Folk Art.
Striped cats and leaf design was listed on the auction site to have been hooked between 1920-30 in Boston, MA.
The rug above is hard to see but there are two scotty pups at play.
Another unclear rug to see hooked rug was listed as a sheep with the initials EJ hooked.  
The striped animal I'm guessing is a tiger although the description on the auction site only suggested 'striped animal maybe cat'.
There is something rhythmic about the cats paw a/k/a penny circle rugs.  What makes this rug so delightful is the commonality of the red in the center of each circle.  See how it brings everything together even tho the border and other colors aren't consistent.  Love it.  Makes me even think about hooking another using my worms.
Since I started with a horse thought it only fitting to end with a horse. What a great job that person did on depicting the detail in the saddle.  

Hope you have a great evening and looking forward to your Friday and upcoming weekend.  Since I'm retired .... for me.... everyday is a weekend.  



  1. I'm looking forward to Friday!!

  2. You always find the best rugs, fun to see the old ones and the before and after is such a fun piece.


  3. Thanks for the show! Great mats,,,, like the penny one too,,,, love scrappys,,,, have a great day, saundra,, thanks,,,

  4. Another great rug show. Hard to pick a favorite, but I am leaning towards the running cat. Of course, I always love a penny rug, too.


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