Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Chit Chat

On Fridays, just a mile away from my house there is a weekly wine tasting at the liquor store.  Usually there is one white, two red wines and a dessert or Moscato wine to sample for those who don't like dry wine.   Tonight my favorite was a Bogle brand "Phantom".  That winery only produces that blend once a year and it was delightful tonight.  

See my glass photo below?  The etching on the wine glass says QUEEN and was a gift from my son and sweet daughter-in-love.  It is an inside joke with our family after first meeting Cathy, my son's wife.
Moving right along....the cat is all hooked and now am beginning to consider the background of the cat mat.  It was wonderful using up left over wool strips for the cat and so far the attempt at background is also left over strips.  ME thinks the background drawing will change but not sure how yet.  Maybe I'll look at some Magdalena rugs and redraw rather than having those swags at the top and sides which had been randomly drawn before.
Or, maybe I'll choose to do something else....who knows.

Today I flipped the linen and re-drew my grandson's rug.  I extended the 7 flags a tad to spread further across the top but left enough room for me to hook initials and date.  Yes, I plan to do a label to attach to the back but IF that should get worn off would want my grandson to have the date and my initials in the rug forevermore.

You'll just have to wait for the picture of that and plan to start hooking that in a week or so.

Yesterday forgot to mention that I'd put out my Hummingbird feeder. In our area the scouts usually show up around April 15th.  Wanted to be sure to put one feeder out to get attention.  It is located in view of my kitchen window near the pond so keep looking for the first visitor.

So folks, spring is upon us.  Hope  you enjoy your weekend.



  1. So are you the "queen" or the "queen B"??? Sorry, I could not resist.
    Kitty looks GOOD!

  2. Your kitty looks great,,,, busy now that the weather good,,,,
    Great weekend,,,, take care,,,

  3. Loving the kitty. A little more wine should move him along nicely;-D. Put my feeders out a couple of weeks ago. We usually see one or two late in March....alas, no one has arrived as of yet. Have a good weekend!


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